10 days. 20 activities and events. SRMS IBS saw PGDM Class 2019 starting on a mega note.


Settling-in days are always quite unsettling- emotionally. However, the ten days at Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School (SRMS IBS), Lucknow, for the newbies of PGDM 2017-2019, things have been quite the contrary.

On the morning of 20th June, Mr. Shyamal Gupta, Director, SRMS IBS welcomed the freshmen on campus with a riveting speech around the ecosystem and practices of the school. He exclaimed- “The best part about SRMS is that we take every student and his individuality into consideration and there is no one rule in helping them, groom. Every student is perceived as being unique and we pay attention individually to each one of you. We ensure that whatever you are investing on us in terms of money, trust and time, you reap the best from it by the end of your PGDM.” Following Mr. Gupta’s speech, the faculty members introduced themselves to the students and elaborated on the student clubs and extra curricular activities of the college.

The Induction program saw 11 events unfurl over ten days. Business Mathematics was arranged with the name of ‘Numbers Don’t Scare’ followed by ‘Bull’s Eye’, a session on prioritization of goals. ‘Unconventionality’, an activity of boosting creative thinking was arranged where students spoke about unconventional uses of any common household item (like paper clip or newspaper). ‘A Managers Wrench’ encouraged the use of tools like MS Excel and covered broad research and strategy. Focusing on how reading broadens the mind, ‘Leaders are Readers’ offered a list of recommended titles across subjects. ‘Chacha Chowdhry ka Dimag’, an aptitude test graded the intelligence quotient (IQ) and cognitive ability of the students while ‘Arthshastra’ familiarized students with Economics and its application in daily life and in business. ‘The Pig’, a session to help students understand wealth management was succeeded by ‘Badi Behas’ which was meant to foster creative thinking, spontaneity, team spirit, and effective communication. Divided into teams of 8 members each, students took up contemporary topics for debate. A movie screening followed.

Tehkikaat’, which had students learn management lessons from the magnum opus Baahubali and the Indian Premier League (IPL). ‘Sakshaatkar’ enabled students to understand nuances of personal interviews through communication, body language, and confidence building. ‘Meme Jacking’ proved to be particularly engaging. With teams submitting 2 sarcastic and funny memes (images or videos) each, the entries were judged on the basis of popularity on SRMS IBS’s Facebook page.

Just when you thought ten days couldn’t be any more riveting than this, the team building activities unfurled. There were team activities like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Zero scorers will win’ which saw students discussing on how people make choices under conditions of scarcity. ‘Business Crap’, devised to test creativity, wit, and English communication skills, had students discuss business topics humorously.

Things got even better with a session on good grooming and physical appearance. ‘Looks Matter’ saw Grace Arun, Image Consultant, guide students on dressing etiquette deliver a talk to the eager audience. ‘Your Minute to Fame’ allowed students from diverse backgrounds to showcase their talent across various fields.

There was a talk by India’s youngest motivational speaker, Mr. Faizan Sheikh, where students learned about the success stories of individuals who followed their passions and dreams in spite of failures and rejections. The talk ended amidst thundering applause of a keen audience.

Mr. Siddiq Aazam, Head, Industry Engagement & Placements, discussed the various activities of the Placement Team. He talked about past trends in placements and preferred skill sets to succeed in campus recruitment and he shared how the team helps students achieve their career goals.

To encourage values, attitudes, and passion, ‘EPIC’ offered knowledge and inspiration from inspired thinkers like Devdutt Pattanaik, Shahrukh Khan, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, and Sparsh Shah.

Contests, food, dance, music dotted the day! Through 10 days of bonding, learning, excitement, and interaction, students were welcomed into the SRMS IBS community- where good things, happen.

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