2013: Trends To Watch In Global Wealth Management: Ken Research


21The global wealth management industry is changing rapidly due to regulation and compliance, product and communication innovation, rebalancing wealth markets, and developing customer attitudes. Trends to watch in 2013 include the rising focus on wealth management service value and the professional development needed to meet the still rising popularity of exchange-traded products.


Understand the trends that will dictate the direction of the global wealth management industry in 2013.

Interpret the direction of the industry using proprietary global surveys and databases from Verdict Financial.

Identify strategies to react to the trends and remain competitive in the wealth management industry using best-practice examples.

Reasons To Buy

Wealth_Management (3)How will the approach to HNW client meetings change in 2013?

How can a wealth manager adapt to changing product demand while remaining focused on core services?

What will 2013 bring to the ongoing global wealth management regulatory challenge?

What can wealth managers expect from the rising popularity of exchange-traded products?

Which wealth markets are highest on the agenda in 2013?

Key Highlights

2013 will see the HNW client meeting change from a one-way conversation to a two-way interaction, satisfying both the cost of advice and the increased involvement desires of customers. Without a credible system to interpret, test, and implement these views, advisors will find themselves unable to demonstrate the value of their service.

Transparency of compliance processes and continuous review will be paramount in 2013. Wealth managers have already cited the need for greater regulatory financial capital, but increased intellectual capital is just as important to be able to act on regulation quickly. Accordingly, compliance salaries will continue on their upward trend.

The role of the private investor in private equity is becoming more important. Financing is a new challenge and fundraisers are seeking to broaden their funding options as involving banks becomes increasingly expensive. HNWs want more investment options and 2013 will see more firms create investment clubs or portals for private equity investments.



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