3 Back care essentials for’How to get rid of lower back pain


A sign of it getting worse is when the pain starts travelling down one/both legs. Increased body fat specially around the abdomen makes the lower back more vulnerable because of increased mechanical pressure & lack of muscle support.

The answer to ‘How to reduce back pain’ is much easier than people think. Instead of suffering the pain if you actually tried some very simple things you might be surprised at how much better your back feels. We will discuss 3 things that I have found very useful while working with a lot of people with back pain.

3 Back care essentials forHow to get rid of lower back pain’:

  1. Learn ‘Good Back Posture’ for you

Poor posture puts a lot of pressure on the back & causes the same issues that lifting heavy weights incorrectly would cause! Taking posture casually is not a great idea if you want to have a strong & healthy back. Good back posture is much more than just the proverbial ‘sitting straight’.

How to reduce back pain? Excellent back posture for most of the times will be a good first answer to that question. Maintaining a gentle inward-arch in your lower back & sitting tall – are general guidelines for us all. Yet learning good back posture ‘for you’ from a professional will be a useful life-long tool.

  1. Daily 5-minute ‘Back Care Exercise Routine’

Learn 3-5 simple exercises which are suitable for your back & lifestyle. Learn these from a Qualified Physiotherapist because they have a good understanding of Anatomy, Posture, Exercise & Back Pain. Perform these every single day of your life. This is a highly effective tool to get rid of lower back pain.

If you manage to discipline yourself, your back will feel so much better. You will remember to do your exercises on strenuous days when you are sitting/standing a lot or travelling etc to prevent aches & pains. It becomes a part of your lifestyle & becomes like a pill that prevents back pain.

  1. Use a Lumbar Support

A Seat Lumbar Supportliterally means a Low Back Support. It is a cushion that is made in a specific shape that helps to maintain the natural inward curvature of your lower back facilitating an upright position. It prevents you from slouching which increases stresses in the discs of the lower back.

Howto reduce back pain? One very effective measure is to use a Lumbar supporteverywhere or almost everywhere you sit. If you use an Ergonomic Office Chair-these have an in-built Lumbar Support, if not carry a travel version & use it in all seats.


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