Michigan State University – Alumni Club Of India celebrates Global Service Day


  • CAN Band initiative kicks off in association with NGO Chintan
  • To provide vocational training in music & performing arts  to children of waste pickers
  • 6 Bands from 6 Schools will be trained for a period of 3 months by Mahendra Bhatt (India’s Got Talent Runners Up)

 New Delhi, India, April 25, 2016: Supporting Michigan State University’s Global Service Day, the MSU Alumni Club Of India in association with Chintan Environment and Research Action Group & Canvironment Week have kicked-off an initiative in India to provide vocational training to the children of rag pickers / waste pickers in music & performing arts.

Waste pickers are the scavengers of Indian society; Rag pickers are the main cog in the recycling wheel for India. All the litter that is created in India is sent for recycling by the help of these waste pickers. In one way it is true to say that Rag pickers are the main reason behind any kind of recycling in India. They deal with all the garbage that we create!
Rising before the sun is up and resting well after mid –night, these Rag pickers live all their lives in the debris of the society, exposed to the most unhygienic wastes. Wastes that you and me will never dream of touching!

To honor the contribution and the important role played by this ignored community, efforts are being made to make transformative effects on the lives of some of the children of these individuals.

The initiative will be supported and sponsored by Canvironment Week, which is a global sustainability campaign run by Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.

Mr. Atit Bhatia, Director, Michigan State University – Alumni Club Of India & President – Canvironment Week said, “In support of the Global Day Of Service by Michigan State University, we have kicked off the CAN BAND initiative in association with the Chintan Environment and Research Action Group, where in we would be providing vocational training to children of waste pickers in music and performing arts. Six bands from six schools located near the landfill areas of New Delhi will be trained for a period of 3 months by Mahendra Bhatt (India’s Got Talent Runners Up).

 This initiative also support Chintan’s No Child in Trash program, the training would help the rag pickers to transform their lives, the skills provided to these children of waste pickers shall encourage them to have an alternate way of Life and earn more for the family.

It is an honour to be a Spartan and such global initiatives by Michigan State University motivates us to give back and make humble contributions to the society in our own way“.

In addition to the above, Mr Gunjan Trivedi another proud Spartan & Director on the MSU Alumni Club of India organized a clean up drive in his neighborhood area in Ahmedabad, Gujrat with his family, an excellent initiative which also support Prime Minister NarendraModi’s Swatch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean up India Drive).

Michigan State University Spartans are scattered all over the world, but there is at least one thing that brings us all together: A call to serve our communities. This year, both students and alumni volunteered on the MSU Global Day of Service in communities as close as Lansing, Michigan USA and as far away as Africa & India.

 About Michigan State University (MSU) – Alumni Club Of India

MSU Alumni Club of India is abody of Alumni of Michigan State University, currently working or residing in India and neighboring countries. The club is supported by MSU Alumni Association.

MSU has a vibrant world-wide alumnus network of 460,000 alumni, with 50,000 international alumnihailing from 174 countries, and organized in 25 active clubs. 3600 alumni from India have launched theMSU Alumni Club of India to further the mutual goals of education, research and collaboration betweenMSU and India. This would be a platform to former students to come together for career andsocial growth.

The alumni are delighted to support some of the future leaders by guiding them to study at MSU andbenefit from the same educational experience and opportunities that they enjoyed.

About Canvironment Week

A unique worldwide initiative, Canvironment Week aims at not just educating but taking action as well. Can makers and Brand owners across the world are coming together to create a ‘United Global Metal Can Sustainability Movement.’

Its goal is to make a significant and sustainable impact by creating an all round awareness about the exclusive benefits of usage of Cans, the vital one being its eco-friendly nature.

The whole event revolves around passion and perseverance to mobilize the cause, ‘Save our Planet’. By building a strong and united Global force, which will lay the foundation to create an Environment, which is Canvironment friendly.

A major effort to support the Global recycling system and the long-term sustainability of the metal cans are the key features of this initiative.


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