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The functional beverages that are added with specific vitamins and minerals in order to perform specific functions are capturing the imagination of people all over the globe. In the fast-paced world when the people do not have the luxury of time to concentrate on their nutritional well-being and thus improve their health, the wide array of products that claim to provide the much required minerals and vitamins are highly in demand since they provide an easy way to give the body the required nutrition.

Switzerland has witnessed a strong demand for fortified/functional products and thus even for fortified/functional beverages in the year 2016, despite the fact that the Swiss people have been increasingly using products with natural ingredients. The increasing concern among Swiss consumers over their vitamin and mineral intake that affects their nutritional well-being and health and develops immunity has led the people to buy more and more of these products despite the European Union and Swiss government having introduced restrictions on the health claims of these products way back in the year 2011. The restrictions put have not been able to deter Swiss consumers from increasingly purchasing these products.

The report titled “Fortified/Functional Beverages in Switzerland” provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of the Swiss Fortified/Functional beverages market by giving the shape and size of the market. It provides the forecast of the future for the market, thus providing the trajectory the market is expected to take in the near future and also helps in identifying the sectors that have the most potential for growth.

In the year 2016, Red Bull has been leading market player in the fortified/functional beverages market of Switzerland with around a quarter of the market under its hold. The wide availability of the brand in the Swiss grocery stores has benefitted the company in grabbing the market for the fortified/functional beverages. By sponsoring various music festivals and sporting events across Switzerland, the company has been able to strongly focus on the advertising support. In terms of value, “Red Bull” has captured about half of the fortified/functional beverages market in the country.

The consumer willingness to use the products like fortified/functional beverages is in order to consume proper nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in their regular diet. The increasingly busy schedules and packed lifestyles of the Swiss people have not been allowing them to consume the required minerals and vitamins in their regular diet.

Thus, food and beverages that are available in the market in the packaged form and have added minerals and vitamins are now being accepted with open arms by the Swiss people. This is further resulting in an increasing demand for these products and it is expected that in the forecast period, the market is set to grow despite the increasing tendency of the people to go for organic and natural products.

Topics Covered in The Report

  • Global Functional Beverages Market Research Report
  • Switzerland Fortified Beverages Market Research Report
  • Switzerland Fermented Beverages Industry Future Outlook
  • Switzerland Micronutrient Drinks Import Value
  • Switzerland Fortified Water Industry Trends
  • Switzerland Fortified Wine Market Growth Opportunities
  • Switzerland Functional Beverages Market Analysis
  • Switzerland Dietary Fiber Beverages Market Demand
  • Switzerland Nutritional Functional Drinks Trends
  • Switzerland Mineral Enriched Beverages Market Revenue
  • Switzerland Vitamin Fortified Drinks Market Size
  • Switzerland Fortified Beverages Market growth
  • Switzerland Fortified Beverages Market analysis
  • Switzerland Fortified Beverages Market

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