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Probiotics are labeled to be good and friendly bacteria which help to prevent certain digestive problems, boost immunity and prevent from any severe infection. They are also consumed as dietary supplements in order to prevent diarrhea, constipation and other infections.

Back in 1990’s, China had started to carry out research and development practices in the probiotics market. Due to fast growing yoghurt, supplement, pharma and feed sectors, the China probiotics market has been continually increasing over the past years. Probiotics are used in several hundred kind of nutritional foods and ingredients which are sold in China market.

Across the globe, there have been millions of consumers of probiotics. Around 15% growth rate has been realized in this market yearly in some European countries. In developed countries, the probiotics products industry has evolved into a matured market. With robust growing rates, probiotics products have ameliorated and developed in these countries.

Also the healthcare industry, probiotics, vitamin and plant extracts are considered to be the major products in this market and it can be segregated into three categories, in terms of application including- raw material, dietary supplements and food. Food has prolonged to account for the largest market share in the market.

According to the report, “2017-2022 China Probiotics Market Report (Status and Outlook)”, the market demand for probiotics has been persistently rising in China and will further expand as the healthcare industry enhances. China has accounted for a significant share of Asia Pacific market for probiotics. The probiotics are generally used for fortifying the food ingredients that provide various health benefits and if they are taken in adequate amount, they confer many health benefits on the host.

There has been an increase in awareness of health benefits granted by probiotics which has been noticed driving growth of the market in China as well as other countries. Alongside the development in food and beverages, probiotics market has also evolved to be very fragmented in developed countries.

Some of the leading probiotics brand in the Chinese market include namely- DuPont(Danisco), Chr. Hansen, Lallemand, China-Biotics, Nestle, Danone, Probi, BioGaia, Yakult, Novozymes, Valio, Glory Biotech, Ganeden, Morinaga Milk Industry, Sabinsa, Greentech and Bioriginal.

There has been a noticeable rise in health concerns that has driven the market for humans as well as animals. The key reason behind market growth has been the recently viewed reduction in the cost of producing probiotics. Additionally, encouragement for entry of start-ups and small companies into the industry has been viewed due to a considerable growth in demand for healthy food and beverages industry.

In the next few years, there would be a gradual expansion in probiotic market in China. Also, probiotics and probiotic fermented milk products are forecasted to become evidently popular in China. It is believed that China would register highly promising profits in the coming years.

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