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Proton therapy can be essentially described as a type of radiation therapy for the treatment of various tumors. The process is inclusive of positively charged, energized atom particles, entering the body and transferring their energy directly at the tumor cells and thereby, destroying them. There are several centers available for the same across the globe, amongst which Switzerland stands a strong position aided by its governmental initiatives. Being a conventional proton therapy centre of Europe, Switzerland remains flooded with the demand for proton therapy by patients converging from all over the globe. Established in 1984, it yet remains the most recommended centre from amongst the other available in various regions of the world, says ken Research. Although currently, there are only a few proton therapy centers available in Switzerland that can treat a limited number of patients each year due to the gap in demand and supply, the future or the potential market is expected to thrive with the increasing disposable income of the country as well as the increasing emergencies.

Ken research in their recently published article, mentioned that Switzerland Proton Therapy Market has been anticipated to grow thrice from its present market during the forecast years. Moreover, the old proton therapy centers at CPI, PSI and Villigen are further renovated and restructured in accordance with the developing economy and the changing requirements of the clients through the utilization of technological advancement beginning from the year 2010. The second renovation took place in the year 2013 and is further expected to change dynamically, and therefore filling the gap between the actual market and the potential market.

Essentially coordinated by ASTRO (the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology), and PTCoG (the Proton Therapy Cooperative Group), these centers are delineated and constructed exclusively for the treatment of patients, with the most updated therapeutic, planning and diagnostic devices used which are efficaciously able to virtually eradicate almost any type of tumor. There are also plans to build a research-focused proton beam centre majorly invested by the Government and Cancer Research, amongst others institutes.

Fundamentally, proton therapy model works on a different principle in contrast to the conventional radiation therapy with x-ray and photon radiation, whose direction can be controlled precisely but penetrates throughout the entire body due to which the healthy tissue is unnecessarily radiated, thus limiting its usage on specific grounds and pushing the market for the proton therapy. Utilizing proton radiation, proton therapy can be directed in three dimensions thereby, directly targeting the treatment region within the tissue, and precisely destroying the tumor cells while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.

Research report titled “Proton Therapy Market in Switzerland, Reimbursement Policy, Patients Treated at Proton Facility & Forecast”  says effective growth of the proton therapy market of Switzerland can be attributed to several other factors as well such as the increasing incidence of varied tumors of brain and cancer patients in Switzerland, two advanced proton centers in planning stage, technological advancements, and because of the growing health awareness among masses of varied age-groups coupled with the extended spending of the consumer base. However the bottom line is that it is still unknown as to whether the facilities will be ready on schedule, provide treatment of a high enough standard, or be properly integrated with NHS care and clinical research programs. And despite good intentions, availability for NHS patients will depend on affordability and competing demand from paying customers.

The leading key companies facilitating the revenue as well as the growth of the proton therapy market in Switzerland includes IBA, Varian Medical Systems and Elekta. The market is on the peak of expanding with the planned future developments and growing technological progress.

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