Asia Adhesive Market to Grow and Reach USD 29 Billion- Ken Research


Adhesives are substances capable of holding materials together by surface attachment which is due to molecular forces existing in the area of contact. All adhesives either contain polymers or else polymers are formed within the adhesive bond. They are widely used in almost all items produced nowadays, be it for any consumer goods or any industrial output. These are used in label applications, packaging tapes, flexible laminations and food packaging as they offer improved chemical and heat resistance. Due to advantages adhesive it offers and non reactive nature they are proffered in food packaging applications. The global adhesives market is likely to be driven by the ameliorating Asia Pacific market, skewed trends in the US transportation sector and increasing demand for more environment friendly products.

The global adhesives market has shown consistent growth over the past several years. The growth of this market has been influenced by the opportunities of all categories of adhesives such as industrial and consumer adhesives The increasing urban population along with increasing personal disposable income will provide positive impetus to market such as construction industry, which in turn will have positive impact on the demand for adhesives in the market. Additionally factors such as the rising packaging sector, real estate market and rising awareness about the benefits of adhesives have led to increased expenditure on adhesive products.

Asia adhesives market has comprised almost half of the global adhesives market over the past few years. The presence of Asia’s adhesives market in global position has been increasing over the past few years. The Adhesives market in Asia region has been divided into five major countries namely China, Japan, South Korea, India and Taiwan while the rest have been combined as others. China has been the major producer of water base and reactive adhesives in terms of technology. Japan has been the second largest market in the Asia region for adhesives market. India and South Korea held third and fourth position in the revenue contribution.

The major players of the Asia adhesives market largely comprised of global players such as Henkel AG &Co., HG Fuller, 3M and others. The largest player in the adhesives segment was 3M, The second largest player was Henkel. Henkel holds globally leading market position in the consumer and industrial businesses with the well known brands such as Loctite in adhesives. HB Fuller Company was founded by Harvey Benjamin Fuller in 1887. The company is a worldwide leader in formulation and manufacturing of adhesives, sealants and other specialty chemical products. 3M was incorporated in 1929 under the laws of the State of Delaware to continue operation begun in 1902. 3M operates mainly through following business segments: Industrial, safety and graphics, Electronics and energy, Healthcare and Consumer.

India Adhesive Industry has consistently registered incremental year-on-year growth rates. On the basis of applications the India Adhesive Industry comprises of seven segments namely Packaging, Construction, Automobiles, Laminate, Footwear, Consumers and others. China adhesive market has been a vibrant industry witnessing large scale participation from global as well as domestic manufacturers. The China adhesive industry comprises of water based, reactive, hot melt, solvent based and others on the basis of technology.

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