Asia Geotextiles Industry Outlook to 2018 – Rising Investments in Infrastructure Development to Spur Demand


  • Geotextile-GSIChina and India will continue to dominate the industry revenue and will propel growth in the region
  • India would also continue to promote its coir geotextiles market as it has one of the largest coconut production capacities, making it economically viable for the country to stimulate exports of such categories

Ken Research announced its latest publication “Asia Geotextiles Industry Outlook to 2018 – Rising Investments in Infrastructure Development to Spur Demand” presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry covering aspects including market size by consumption value and volume, market segmentation by major applications (Road Construction, Erosion Control, Drainage and Others), by major types (Woven, Non-Woven, Knitted and Others), by Chemical Compositions and by geography including China, India and other countries. The report also entails a detailed description on the growth drivers, restraints, opportunities for geotextiles market in the region and an analysis of future projections for the market.

Asia was noted to be the largest consumer of geotextiles in the world in 2013 and is expected to be the engine of growth in the world geotextiles market in the coming years as well. Asia’s geotextiles has registered a CAGR of ~% during 2008-2013.  There is a growing demand for geotextiles fabrics in the Asian region due to large number of infrastructure projects. Geotextiles have been used in large volumes for government infrastructure projects in the past which included construction of highways, dams and pumps. Countries such as India and China have highlighted geotextiles usage in their five year plans as well.

According to the research report, implementation of geotextiles in the construction of roads would continue to drive geotextiles market growth in Asian countries, as various six lane highway initiatives are being taken up by the governments of these countries

“Emerging economies in Asia provide a significant level of opportunities for the geotextiles market in the world. As these economies would grow, infrastructure sector would grow at a rapid pace, opening new doors for the use of geotextiles in various applications. The foremost opportunity provided by these economies would be road construction which would command the highest share of geotextiles application in the region. Moreover, high rate of urbanization and development that would occur in the countries would provide opportunities for domestic production of geotextiles which might curb down its imports, and help by giving a push to the industry.” according to the Research Analyst, Ken Research.

“According to Industry Sources, Indian market for geotextiles would grow in the near term on account of the following factors: Current Government policies are in favor of Infrastructure growth, Smooth flow of money due to current government policies, Greater investment in manufacturing sector and the possibility of  foreign Geosynthetics players investing in India for manufacturing.”

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Asia Geotextiles Market

  • Market Size by Consumption Value and Volume
  • Market Segmentation by
  • By major applications (Road Construction, Erosion Control, Drainage and Others), 2013
  • By Chemical compositions, 2013
  • By major types (Woven, Non-Woven, Knitted and Others), by Chemical Compositions, 2013
  • By Geography ( China , India and Others), 2008-2013
  • Growth Drivers
  • Restraints
  • Opportunities
  • Export Market of Coir Geotextiles in India
  • Competition and Market Share
  • Future Outlook
  • Macro Economic Parameters

Key Products Mentioned in the Report

Woven Geotextiles

Non Woven Geotextiles

Knitted Geotextiles

Polypropylene Geotextiles

Polyester Geotextiles

Polyethylene Geotextiles

Coir Geotextiles


Companies Covered in the Report

TechFab India



Terram India (FiberWeb)


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