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Devices such as air compressor controller are used for supplying gas for different types of industrial as well as non-industrial activities and are generally also used for transporting and compressing of gas in the oil & gas industry. They are nowadays extensively used in many other end-use industries like automobile, chemical plants, transport, pharmaceuticals and oil extraction since they aid in lessening the energy consumption in compressor systems and thereby ameliorate the overall efficiency. Not only this, these devices also protect compressors from surge events and the compressor is operated near the surge line such that maximum efficiency is achieved.

The research report titled, “Asia Air Compressor Controller Industry Situation and Prospects Research report” is a professional and comprehensive investigation of the latest condition of the Air Compressor Controller industry. It offers an in depth analysis of the industry along with integrity of logic and full description of contents. It does not fail to provide a basic outlay of the industry including specific definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The industry is mainly divided by (a) Product Types, with production, revenue, price, and market share and growth rate of each type, which is further split into Touch Screen Type and Touch-tone Type and (b) By applications, the focus remains mainly on consumption, market share and growth rate of Air Compressor Controller in each application, further classified into-Oil & Gas, Energy & Mining, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Others.

The Asian air compressor controller market has been observed to be segmented majorly by component, end-use industries, and by geographic regions. The demand for PLC and other items including motors and actuators in the market is expected to bolster as the retrofit business for compressor controllers is foreseen to amplify with time. Also, it has been noticed that the key industries where air compressor controllers are used prominently consist of: oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy & mining because the requirement for compressed air is usually high in these industries and with the evolution of HVAC systems in commercial spaces across all Asian countries in future; the industry is forecasted to experience a mushrooming demand for compressor controllers.

Considering the revenue generated from different geographies around the globe; Middle East and Africa, and North America have sustained to be the major contributors to the overall air compressor controller market in the recent years. The compression control requirement from these nations has remained high and thus, their demand has been constant or even ameliorated in these regions. Other regions like Europe and Asia-Pacific are also anticipated to showcase great returns in the coming years and thereby account for significant shareholdings in the global industry.

Moreover, a huge number of air compressor controller manufacturers are already based in North America which is further anticipated to boost the number of manufacturers in Asian countries as the years roll by and thereby stimulate a significant growth of this industry in the coming years. The key players in this Asian market have namely been- Siemens AG, GE Measurement & Control Solutions, Compressor Controls Corporation and Emerson Climate Technologies. These companies have been noticed to have their main focus at acquiring regional players who are able to provide various manufacturing compressor control solutions so that they can further compete well with stronger regions like North America, Africa etc.

The significant factors that have helped in driving the overall industry growth involve: reciprocating systems with dual cylinders and oil-free scroll offering, low-cost operations, rising adoption of variable speed air compressor controllers and low maintenance cost of compressors. Apart from these, the demand for these controllers primarily from oil and gas industry has been another factor that has resulted in the industry to witness a successive growth over the years. It is further anticipated that with the evolving application of air compressors to various other industrial sectors; the market demand will amplify automatically in the future and this when coupled with rising demand of noise and pollution free, energy-efficient-power sources will ultimately lead to proliferation of the industry.

The Asian air compressor is forecasted to witness growth at a decent CAGR of more than 5% during the time period till 2022. The world gross product is also foreseen to extend by about 2.7 per cent in 2017 and about 2.9 per cent in 2018, leading to a modest relaunch of the market demand in Asia and at the same time, indicating economic stabilization. Moreover, superior air quality as well as high reliability offering opportunities will propel the industry over the years.

The global industry size is forecasted to reach around USD 37 billion by 2022 majorly due to developing awareness on energy saving amongst the customer base along with expansion in the processes of industrialization. Furthermore, Asia’s contribution to the global industry is surely expected to enhance with the passage of time majorly because innovation in technology will result in higher adoption of air compressors especially in emerging economies like Asia and the industry will thereby register massive revenues in the future.

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Air Compressor Controller Asian Industry Research Report

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