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Growing health and hygiene awareness, due to increasing knowledge among people of diseases borne by pests and insects is driving the global home insecticide market and fueling demand for the same. However, there are also deterrents to the growth and expansion of this market, primarily being the concern among people regarding the harmful effects of the synthetic insecticides on the health. Therefore, rising health concerns as well as environmental concerns among people are fueling the rise of natural chemicals and homemade solutions as the substitutes of home insecticides, thus giving rise to competition and threatening the market shares of home insecticides.

According to the report titled “Home Insecticides in Ukraine”, there are several common species of pests in Ukraine e.g. cockroaches (which are found mainly in the apartments of people with very low income levels), flies (home insecticides against flies are rarely used in Ukraine and are mainly used by businesses such as small stores or small private cafes), mosquitoes (for which lesser and lesser insecticides are being used) and various other types of insects and moles that are rarely found in Ukraine and people usually do not buy home insecticides for them.

The various products covered in the analysis are electric insecticides, insecticide baits, insecticide coils, other home insecticides, spray/aerosol insecticides. The report analyses the size and shape of the market at a national level and provides the latest retail sales data (historic date range), predicting the sectors driving growth.

Home care has declined in volume, although in value it has demonstrated a notable growth in 2016. The reason has been the growth of unit prices under the pressure of the local currency devaluation. Even if home care is produced in Ukraine, materials used for its manufacturing are usually imported. As a result, fluctuation of the exchange rate matters a lot. Thus, although consumers shifted towards consumption of cheaper products, unit prices have recorded a notable growth in 2016.

In the competitive landscape SC Johnson has led the sales in the country and has been mainly driven by the betterment within spray/aerosol type of insecticides. Raid, which is the most available and recognized brand among consumers has been the company’s flagman brand.

However, purchasing power’s deterioration can hamper the performance of home insecticides in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that cockroaches are more common in apartments, where households with low income live and the consumers whose apartments do not have plastic windows with mosquito nets are more likely to have mosquitoes and flies in their apartments. These low income people do not spend money on home insecticides and a further decrease in purchasing power would make things for the home insecticide market worse.

Anyhow, it is still expected that the global home insecticides market will rise in the near future, due to governments taking initiatives to weed out insects and pests in order to improve the general health and hygiene of citizens and the emerging economies like Ukraine are expected to accept the home insecticides more and more in the wake of increasing awareness of the necessity of keeping their environs insect free in the coming years.

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