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People in Australia are increasingly demanding a wide range of products to keep their pets happy and healthy, as pet owners have commenced treating them as an important member of their family. Ranges of accessories, healthcare, dietary supplements and cat litter are included.

According to the report, “Pet Products in Australia”, in 2016, there has been about 7% growth in the demand of PET products in Australia. Surprisingly, there has been no player in the market of PET products in the country, which held a dominant position in the value share.

In Australia, people have started purchasing more pet products online. Availability of wide range of products at good prices has been easily made available online. Huge range of accessories, toys and premium products are available for all types of pets. It has further led to a massive growth in internet retailing in Australia. Also, retailers and manufacturers are giving more attention to e-commerce, to increase their sales. It has also helped some retailers to eliminate their cost of directly selling to customer. Additionally, many pet owners are allured by discounts and schemes offered by the online retailing stores and other online mobile application.

Armitage Australia Pty Ltd, Dhraf Pty Ltd, Tech Trails are some companies which manufactures and supplies pet products in Australia. There is an increase in trends of healthy lifestyle and people also want their pets to be healthy. They try to fulfill their pet needs so that they can live long. Therefore, food products for pets have been the most important criteria for a long time. People in Australia spends maximum amount of money on food products than on other products for pets. It has further been accounted that online pet food sales is the fastest moving segment in the pet product industry.

Clothing, beauty and toys at the part of pet accessories have had a wide supply in the Australian market. Not only healthy pet owners prefer natural pet food for their pets and want to know more about healthy living of their pets but also, this number of pet owners is rapidly rising in the country.

An increase in demand for pet directory supplements and pet healthcare is anticipated in the coming years because it is estimated that the pet humanization will continue in future. As compared to previous years, pet products are projected to multiply. Pet owners are more interested in buying premium products for their pets as good health for their pets is the main concern for them and the quality & premium trend is reflected by the product’s price. Though, the growth of pet population will be slower and limited in future. Despite the slower growth, value growth of pet products will prolong boosting year after year.

In the next five years, Australian will be spending considerably more on pet products as there will be a strong bond between Aussies and their pets which would be clearly visible and there will be a noticeable increase in the number of pet ‘friendly businesses’, which will undoubtedly boost the sales of pet products in coming years. Cumulatively, the revenue is going to expand substantially in the future years making the market grow well.

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Australia Pet Food Industry Trends
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Australia Pet Products Market Research Report

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