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Fermented meat production worldwide dates back thousands of years. It was discovered that the process of fermentation increases the shelf-life of meat products. Fermented meat is generally produced by adding salt to meat and subsequently dried. Fermentation majorly involves complex microbial ecosystems that combine bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Salami, ham, and sausages are very popularly available fermented meat foods around the world with various texture, flavor, and safety. Most common fermented meat products available in Austria are dry fermented sausages. Fermented meat is also a subset of cured meats.

Lactic acid bacteria and coagulase-negative cocci are the most important microorganisms crucial for meat fermenting process. Fermented meat is stored under suitable environmental conditions to help favouring the meat with the help of active microorganisms. This fermented meat creates different products that maximize the use of edible livestock. Fermented meat includes turkey bird, geese, chicken, pigeon, quail and ratite. Consumer’s awareness towards their health and increasing demand for protein rich animal meat is driving the growth of the fermented meats market and is expecting a rapid growth in the coming years.

According to the study “Fermented Meats (Savory & Deli Foods) Market in Austria-Outlook to 2021: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics”, meat processing technology in Austria includes fresh-processed meat, raw-cooked meat, pre-cooked meat, raw-fermented sausages, cured meat, dried meat. The major factors affecting the meat market in Austria are taste, texture, and flavour. The wide variants of fermented meats available are Chorizo, Pepperoni, Salami and other fermented meats. This category excludes meat snacks, cooked sliced meats and also meat snacks like Pepperami, packets of cooked and sliced ham, turkey and beef. The major distribution channels of fermented meat in Austria are hypermarkets & supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, dollar stores, variety store, cash & carries and warehouse clubs, e-Retailers, other general retailer stores.

Fermented meats (savory & deli foods) market in Austria covers the major three product segments that include cured meats, fermented meats and pates. It was observed that there will be a rapid growth in the sales value and volume for fermented meats and its variants in the fermented meats market in Austria over the coming years.

Austria’s meat products consists of ambient meat, chilled raw packaged processed meat, cooked packaged meats, fresh meat, frozen meat and fermented meat. It was observed that the consumption of fermented meats volume has increased gradually over the recent years. Austria’s meat market is highly mature and may not witness a rapid growth over the coming years. However, with the increasing opportunities in the fermented meat market, a steady growth would be observed over the years.

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