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Industry Overview: The agricultural and forest machinery industry in United Kingdom is dominated by international players and only a few of which have manufacturing operations in the country. There is an increasing demand for machinery that is used in forestry and logging firms which had a positive influence on agricultural and forest machinery industry performance. The increase in consumers’ spending limit has also boosted the growth in the agricultural and garden machinery. With too many competitors in the agricultural and forest machinery, the companies are focusing on improving quality standards of the machinery. More technologically advanced agricultural and forest machinery is demanded in the United Kingdom with an expectation of growth in the market revenue. The report titled “Agricultural and Forestry Machinery in United Kingdom: ISIC 2921”, provides a comprehensive analysis of agricultural machinery and forestry equipment in United Kingdom, agricultural, gardening and forestry machinery, overview of agriculture and forestry machinery in United Kingdom, leading players in agriculture and forestry machinery in United Kingdom, advanced technology in agriculture and forestry machinery in United Kingdom, and future of agriculture and forestry machinery in United Kingdom.

Agricultural, Forestry and Gardening Machinery: The agricultural and forestry machinery consist of tractors, garden machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, other machinery, parts, installation, maintenance and repair. Agricultural machinery comprises of harvesters or threshing machinery, tractors, soil cultivating equipment, garden machinery, planting or fertilizing, milking machines, poultry-keeping machinery, drillers, de-stoners, rotators, cultivators, bed-tillers, agricultural self-loading or self-unloading trailer or semi-trailer, mower, harrows, coveyers and agricultural sprayers. Garden machinery comprise of lawnmowers, cutters, chainsaws, ride-on mowers and hedge trimmers. Forestry machinery comprises of trailers, chain-saws, winches, chippers, harvesters, forestry excavators, delimbers, log loaders, feller bunchers, saw mills, grapples and skidder cranes that increase the overall work efficiency and precision in various applications within the forest.

Advanced Technology in Agricultural and Forestry Machinery: It was observed that the existing farmland in United Kingdom is limited and available resources must be used more effectively and sustainable agriculture. Therefore, it requires agricultural and forestry machines which are embedded with advanced technology. These equipments are modern, energy-efficient working hydraulics with hardware and software features and are controlled electronically. The advanced equipments consist of electrohydraulic solutions, hydraulic drives, gentle on the soil, lower fuel consumption and automatic gear shifting which increases productivity and comfort. Most of the agricultural and forestry machinery in United Kingdom are customised with robust and reliable products such as gear pumps, variable displacement pumps, radial piston motors, steerings units, control blocks and electronic control units. Agriculture efficiency is improved with the use of such electronic controls.

United Kingdom’s Leading Players in Agricultural and forestry machinery: Oakleaf Forestry is a leading forestry machinery player and Bosch Rexroth is a leading player in the agricultural machinery in the United Kingdom.

Future of Agricultural and Forestry Machinery in United Kingdom: Agricultural and forestry machinery is a large market in the United Kingdom which is growing at a steady rate. The growing demand of food from an ever increasing population in the country has led to the development of advanced machinery in this sector. There is a huge demand for forest products in the United Kingdom in the areas of building houses, wood products and pharmaceutical industry. UK government regulations in the agricultural and farming machinery is negligible, therefore, various advanced tools are used for efficient work in agriculture and forests. The shortage in the country’s agricultural workforce will fuel the growth of automation in the agricultural and forestry machinery. The growth of agricultural and forestry machinery industry in the United Kingdom will decelerate over the next few years due to cost of equipment, inflation in agricultural commodity prices, and currency moves in the United Kingdom.

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