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Asia Chewing Gum Base Market consists of both regional and international vendors such as Boc Sciences, Wacker, Dalian Haiyi International Cooperation Co., Ltd, Haihang Industry Co., Ltd., Neostar United Industrial Co., Ltd., Angene International Limited, Zhejiang J&C Biological Technology Co.,Limited and Wuxi Liujinji Gumbase Co., Ltd. Almost all the chewing gum base products are available at hypermarket, supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores. These outlets account for a major share in revenue contributor of the chewing gum base market. Asia’s chewing gum base market anticipates a moderate growth over the next few years due to consumers’ awareness in oral and dental health benefits of sugar-free chewing gums.

Gum base is an ingredient that differentiates between chewing gum and bubble gum from all other confectionery products. Gum base is an insoluble and non-nutritive substance that enables chewing gum to be chewed without experiencing any substantial changes. Gum base is made of food-grade polymers, plasticizers, softeners, texturizers and emulsifiers which impart their unique properties in a chewing gum. To meet the international food-grade standards, the gum base needs to comply with requirements such as the FDA 21 CFR 172.615 and the Food Chemicals Codex Specifications. Every new gum base that is developed is tested for its physical properties such as elasticity, plasticity, hardness and desired texture. Gum bases for bubble and chewing gums are available in various formats such as dragées, sticks, tabs, chunks, hollow balls, filled gum and others. There are many types of bubble and chewing gums which utilize more than 200 different kinds of gum bases in the manufacturing process. The gum base depends on manufacture of bubble or chewing gum, with sugar or sugar-free, including acid or non-acid flavours, formats and production of chewing gum for the confectionery, functional or pharmaceutical market.

Modern chewing gum is a soft, cohesive substance that cannot be swallowed. Chewing gums with gum base consist of texture that signifies rubber due to its physical-chemical properties of polymer, plasticizer, and resin components that contribute elasticity-plastic, stickiness and chewy characteristics. Elastomers are responsible for the stretchy and sticky nature in a chewing gum. Plasticizers improve flexibility and reduce brittleness that contributes to the plastic and elastic nature in a chewing gum. Chewing gum is water in-soluble and cannot be consumed fully. Chewing gum is the second most common form of litter after cigarette litter. It was observed that chewing gum litter was collected and recycled into plastic in various regions worldwide.

International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA) says that chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva production in a human body that reduces instances of plaque formation and tooth decay significantly. Consuming sugar-free chewing gum helps in cleaning food debris from the teeth and reduces stress. However, chewing gum products like nicotine gum are considered as effective aids to quit smoking. Chewing gum base is categorized based on product ingredients such as sugared and sugar-free. It is estimated that sugar-free chewing gums will dominate the chewing gum market over the next few years. Sugar-free chewing gums base possess benefits such as ability to re-mineralize the enamel, neutralize plaque acids, reduce instances of oral dryness, and clean food remains.

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