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In the sports business, the volleyball industry is set to record a huge growth, as volleyball is gaining popularity in new regions across the world. One big push for the volleyball industry has come from the introduction of various national and international leagues around the globe.

Research Report on “Global Volleyball Industry Situation and Prospects Research report 2017” predicts a decent growth by the volleyball industry, based on a number of factors, like rising awareness among people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and commercialization of volleyball with the launch of various volleyball leagues. The global volleyball industry will also be driven by promotions being done by sports personalities which are sponsored by big companies. Market analystsalso believe thatthis industry will greatly benefit from the increase in disposable incomes of the people in the developing countries. This would allow them to invest more time and money into leisure activities and sports such as volleyball.

Ken Research sys, the volleyball industry will also get a boost from the creation of sports infrastructure in schools/colleges and residential neighbourhoods in the developing countries.  Particularly, India and China in the Asia-Pacific region will be spending huge amounts on establishing sports facilities. Therefore, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the highest contributor to the growth of the volleyball industry in the coming years.

In the case of India, sports in general is getting an unprecedented boost with the government rewarding players winning medals in major international tournaments such as Olympics. This has resulted in parents encouraging their children to explore sports other than the dominant cricket for making a career.These developments are going to boost sports like volleyball which were hitherto not favourite sports for the Indian youth.

According to Ken Research analysis, the widening scope of volleyball as a sport, career, and leisure activity in India will be a welcome boost for the global volleyball industry. Though the current market scenario appears to be seamless for the good growth of the volleyball industry, the companies doing business in this industry must manage the competition. Strategies of innovation and promotion will be a great differentiator for the winners and losers in the volleyball market.

Among global volleyball markets, so far the US, Europe and Australia have been great markets but their growth potential more or less has been exhausted. Thus, the companies doing volleyball business in these regions will likely explore other regions for future growth. The global volleyball industry is likely to grow at a decent CAGR and will be able to attract many investors.

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