BRICS Tobacco Market Outlook to 2018 – Rising Consumption of Low Tar Cigarettes to Drive the Future Growth


  • BRICS Tobacco market to reach USD 530 billion in 2018
  • Rising tobacco consumption in China is expected to drive the future growth of BRICS Tobacco market

Ken Research announced its latest publication on “BRICS Tobacco Market Outlook to 2018” which provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as the market size of Tobacco, cigarettes, cigar, smokeless tobacco, gutkha and beedis market in Brazil, China, Russia, India and South Africa. The report also covers the market shares of major players and brands in BRICS Tobacco Market in each industry segment.

BRICS tobacco market which encompasses the sales of cigarettes, cigars, snuffs, smokeless tobacco and others have showcased increasing growth rate during the last few years. BRICS countries are amongst the major tobacco producing countries in the world. Major producers of tobacco products in the world are China, India, Brazil, the
US, Turkey, Zimbabwe and Malawi which together produce more than ~% of the world’s tobacco products. China alone accounts for nearly ~% of world tobacco production. In majority of the BRICS countries, volume sales of cigarettes have declined, however, growing taxes on cigarettes have led to an inclination in the sales revenue of tobacco products in the last few years. The revenue of BRICS tobacco market grew at a CAGR of ~% from USD ~ million in 2007 to USD ~ million in 2013.

Unlike other BRICS countries, China hasn’t banned the smoking in all public places, but it has banned smoking in ~ indoor public places as listed in the state council regulations. China has formed stringent regulations on advertising and promotions but sponsorship is still allowed. South Africa has had a strong tobacco control laws and policies since 1990s. Few of the control measures encompass complete ban on indoor smoking, prohibited advertising and promotions and pictorial health warning on tobacco products.

The competitive landscape of the BRICS countries is highly concentrated amongst few players and in the upcoming years, it is expected to increasingly intensify. In China, the CNTC has a virtual monopoly over marketing, production, distribution and sales of all tobacco products, be it domestic or foreign company. In 2011, the CNTC generated profits of worth USD ~ million. Working in a strategic alliance with the CNTC is the only option for foreign manufacturers such as BAT and PMI to gain the access in the China tobacco market. However, BAT and PMI are amongst the most successful companies in the world. Brazil and South Africa market tobacco market is dominated by British American Tobacco with a share of more than ~% of total cigarette market. In India, ITC controls more than ~% of the market and in Russia, Japan Tobacco held a share of more than ~%. As the India market is primarily dominated by smokeless tobacco and beedis, the market for such products is fragmented which encompasses large number of small and medium scale domestic manufacturers.

According to the research report “In the upcoming years, the BRICS tobacco market is expected to showcase a considerable growth in terms of revenue as increasing prices and taxes are expected to enforce the tobacco addicted population to spend more on such products.”, according to the Research Analyst, Ken Research.


Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Market Size by Revenue and Volume Sales
  • Market Segmentation
  • Trends and Development
  • SWOT
  • Competition and Market Share
  • Growth Drivers
  • Future Outlook
  • Macro Economic Parameters

Companies Covered in the Report

China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC)

Godfrey Philips (GPI)

VST Industries

Japan Tobacco International (JTI)

Philip Morris International (PMI)

Imperial Tobacco Inc

British American Tobacco

Souza Cruz

Mastermind Tobacco

ITC Limited

VST Industries

Bharat Beedi Works

Kerala Dinesh Beedi Workers Cooperative

Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works

Dhariwal Industries

Dharampal Satyapal

Som Sugandh Industries

Kothari Products

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