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Global smart dishwasher industry is the sector which deals with the manufacturing, production and distribution of freestyle smart dishwasher which is the device used for cleaning, rinsing and also for the drying of various dishes

Ken Research in its market study on “Global Freestyle Smart Dishwashers Industry Situation and Prospects Research report 2017 “ says , the global freestyle smart dishwasher industry is expected to grow at a promising rate as the trends in the market have continuously changing and with such pace the industry is all set to have a booming survival of smart dishwashers. The main reason for such growth is the extensive use of these dishwashers in domestic and in the professional market. The rapid growth of catering industry with the growing trend of event planning has led to extensive use of smart dishwashers as it is easy to use, can take care of maximum load and its hassle free and its minimizes the human effort reducing the cost of human labor. Thus due to its high efficiency and multifunction of cleaning, rinsing ad drying in a quick and effort less way has led to increased use of these devices. due to rapid urbanization and working culture, most of the population doesn’t have time to clean the dishes by thekselves, therefore the smart dishwashers are of great help and due to its other function such as dring the dishes itself and adjustable temperature it acts as a necessity for the population .

According to research analyst at Ken Research, the main challenge of this industry is to include the artificial intelligence in a more sophisticated way so as to specifically approach the task in order for maximum output ith a negligible input from the human side.

Key Players

The key players in the global smart dishwasher industry are Samsung, BSH, GE, Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Miele & Cie


Therefore the growth in global smart dishwasher industry is due to increase in the catering market ewhich is using these devices at a great pace due to its time and effort less functioning and the domestic life is incomplete without this device sue to less time availability. The main challenge or te future of this market is the sophistication of the artificial intelligence so as to make it more furnished and effort less.

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