Buy or Sell used items by sitting at your home.


Generally to sell secondhand items outside your home it is difficult because you have to ask each and everyone whether they are interested or not, now stop getting all those worries in selling secondhand goods/ used items. We have launched an exclusive online site where with a click of button you can sell or buy used items. You need to just simply get registered on site for free and start posting your used products. Just write description about your product, upload photos and submit. It’s easy and simple with easy to understand user interface you can do all by yourself.

The other options available are can place a request for you required product : If you are interested in purchasing a any used item which is not available in the site simply put a purchase request you will be updated with an alert the moment anybody upload’s a product which you are interested to purchase.

  1. Swap is another option provided by by which you can exchange the product with another product.

  2. Freebie is the second option where users can simply put there used products without asking any price in return.

  3. Robust search which will allow you to search details locality wise making easy for you to purchase goods in your locality at your vicinity.

Benefits of secondhandtrade online are

  1. You can buy or sell secondhand items quite easily.

  2. Registration is free so you won’t be charged.

  3. You can choose your nearest location to buy or sell the products.

  4. Navigation of the each page is convenient so that user can easily moves from one page to another page.

  5. Just make simple registration, next go to the login with your username and password and post your product details to buy or sell, give the time and date, give the location etc. These details will be seen by users so that interested person can be apply for it.

  6. gives the accurate information of the seller.

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