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China is a major player in the world and regional beef industry in all sectors such as production, consumption and trade. China is the third largest beef producer in the world and largest in Asia. Economic growth has increased average incomes for both rural and urban residents of China.

The nation’s economic growth increased food prices and the beef prices have outstripped the general food prices. The rapid growth in beef market is majorly due to the booming slaughterhouses and processing industry. The beef production will acknowledge a slow growth over a period of ten years due time consumption for the cattle breeding. The rising consumer income is responsible to influence the changes of dietary habits; this is due to popularisation of Western food and is the main reasons for the growing demand of beef.

The major import sources of beef in China are Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and others. Among these, Brazil is the most important legal source for exporting frozen beef to China. The actual import volume of beef is greater than the legal import volume of the smuggled beef from India, U.S.A, Brazil, and other countries. China has a rapid growth in the quantity of slaughtered cattle due to rise in processing industries and increase of production at the national level to meet the needs of growing population. The Chinese beef market is estimated to grow rapidly during the years 2017 to 2021 along with the growth of the nation’s economy. The volume of beef imported in China is expected to increase due to the limited cattle breeding space for the domestic beef production. The purchase of beef has increased in China, in spite of rise of prices in the recent years. Canada, Argentina and Australia are the chief sources of beef imports in China and with new competitors such as Hong Kong and Vietnam

China has estimated nearly 300 million of beef consumption per year and is expected to reach 620 million by 2022. The demand for beef will still rise in the years to come. There is a huge burden on the Chinese government to increase beef production, with an already existing measures for the local industry, including high input costs, constraints climate, production methods. The circumstances show that China will continue to increase beef imports from other countries to meet growing demand in the future.

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