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Colombia is one of the countries in South America with growing population. The growth rate is estimated to increase and Colombia has improved its standards for the growing needs of its population for infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, housing, and roads; resources such as food, water, electricity; and jobs.

The consumption of baby specific products such as diapers/nappies/pants is very high in Colombia compared to other countries. Diaper is made of a waterproof exterior with an absorbent cloth designed to hold baby’s excretions. The cost of nappies/diapers/pants is very high for a large community of Colombian population due to poverty in the country. With the rise in the consumer disposable income in the middle class; nappies/diapers/pants has witnessed a steady growth. Winny from Tecnoquímicas are the leading brand in nappies/diapers/pants in Colombia. The passionate advertisements and strong distribution network helped the leading brands to secure top positions in the market. In the coming years, the Colombian economy is expected to return back to its regular growth, however, the nappies/diapers/pants would still remain expensive due to prevailing poverty.

The wide range of baby and child-specific products are continuously consumed with the growing population. Though the birth rate has decline in the past decade, Colombia has set-up kindergartens; stimulation centres, toy shops, and kids clothing, with consumers increasingly demanding good price, quality and design. The baby and child-specific products are hair care, baby and child-specific skin care, baby and child-specific sun care, baby and child-specific toiletries, baby wipes, medicated baby and child-specific products, nappy (diaper) rash treatments. The increase in the consumer disposable income encouraged the parents to purchase specific and more sophisticated products. Many outlets were opened for kids by both foreign and local companies specialising in the children clothing market with huge varieties and designs.

According to the market research report “Baby and Child-Specific Products in Colombia“, Johnson & Johnson still remains the same and leads in the baby and child-specific products. The company is always a supporter and advisor for every parent and helps to increase loyalty towards its product range. The baby and child-specific products manufacturers are looking forward to offer a wide range of products and services in the coming years. There are innovative options offering competitive prices with good quality baby and child-specific products, also products with new innovative ingredients, packaging and services.

Babies’ garments are categorized with materials such as cotton, synthetic fibres and other materials. Babies’ garments or kids wear market achieved a good performance which is more compared to both women-wear and men-wear. The majority of the consumers are from the middle class and there was a huge demand for apparel for children. Crystal SAS is the leading kids wear in Colombia. The company products were affordable with quality and are the main reason behind the growth of the company attracting all classes.

It is expected that the birth rate would decrease in the coming years and the growth in the baby and child-specific clothes market will surely grow at a slow pace. The other baby and child-specific products in Colombia is expected to show a slight growth in the future.

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