Complete control on project execution through perfect voices


Germany, November, 2014- Research demonstrates that listeners are expected to retain messages delivered by a professional voice endowment. Voice over is more of just about any random voice reading out a script. A professional can deliver any message in a friendly, credible and persuasive manner. Synapse’s voice over studios gives instant access to the finest voice actors of the world. A company can augment sales, click-through rates and boost the span of time to grab a prospective customer’s attention by employing a veteran vocal expert. The site is so simple to use, and anyone can locate and hire the identical dedicated sound coming from studios of Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Sydney London, and other famed international cities. Clients can easily request a quote and hire voice artists online and chance upon the perfect actor for a project. money, time is saved and the automated system handles invoices and payments instantaneously.

Synapse has professional voice over artist for any project. For radio and TV commercials, one can get access to nationwide voice talents who appear on radio and TV commercials for the popular brands across the globe. The voice actors are skilled in training and e-learning videos. Files are delivered comprehensive and ready for use. There are special discounted rates. Internet video voiceovers are done in a jiffy if audio is going to be used online. If one is making a whiteboard or explainer video, the choice of Synapse is perfect! On-hold phone greetings are handled too, via a professional voice, callers hold on longer that results in more sales. Fortune 500 companies are also catered to put together audio for corporate presentations, business meetings. A large assortment of knowledgeable voice talent exist, who have already recorded thousands of hours of audio books.

Synapse is one of the key voice over talent agencies helping clients hire voice actors and experienced announcers. No amateurs would wasting time. All voice over charges are clear, so nobody gets hit with surprises. Job of seeking and recording a professional voice actor is simplified. In a few clicks, the right talent is found for a project. Whether it’s voicemail greetings, commercials, narration, interactive, educational video, documentary, stadium and in-store announcers, presentations, everything is within a reach. Gone are those days of interacting with casting directors and posh recording studio, voice agency expenses. The power is in customer’s hands with Synapse.


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