Consumer Behavior to Gear up Canada Make-Up Market Outlook


  • Driven by greater awareness about health risks, Canadian consumers are preferring products that claim to be natural, organic and fresh.
  • Canadian consumers, under the lasting impact of recession, are demanding affordable and multi-functional Make-Up products.

Ken Research announced its latest publication on, Consumer and Market Insights: Make-Up Market in Canada”, offer insights on the changing trends and key issues within the Canadian Make-Up market. The publication includes an insightful analysis of consumer behavior, packaging trends, leading players and distribution trends within Canada Make-Up market. The analysis of the aforementioned trends has been done on the basis of sub-categories within the market such as Eye Make-Up, Face Make-up, Lip Make-Up and Nail Make-Up.

Canadian cosmetics industry was negatively affected by the recession as the consumers became price conscious and limited their purchase of high-end cosmetics product. However, the Make-up market in Canada has now begun to recover and is reported to have moderate growth in terms of value and volume, 2015-2020. Within the Make-up market, products belonging to the Eye Make-up and Nail Make-up categories are expected to pick faster pace than the rest. This trend can be attributed to the rapid urbanization along with the burgeoning needs of Canadian middle and upper-class. However, it is to be noted that even though the consumers are warming up the Make-up market, they are more concentrated on the affordable products segment.

Another important shift in consumer preferences within the Canadian Make-up market is the increase in demand for products that are natural, fresh or organic. This is because the consumers are driven by the desire to obtain the ‘perfect’ appearance without any harmful side effects. This shift in consumer preferences has been captured well by the Nail Make-up and Eye Make-up manufacturing companies, as they have launched cost-effective, organic products which will have no side-effects. Maybelline and Lancome are currently the frontrunners in the industry. The reason why these leading players have been able to introduce affordable products is the sophistication of packaging techniques and distribution channels. The IT-enabled infrastructure and less hierarchy has transformed the way business is being conducted in the Canadian Make-Up industry.

Global Cosmetics Industry

The global cosmetics industry has been growing consistently over the past decade. The industry is characterized by high-degree innovation and dynamic consumer preference. Even though the industry has reached its maturity stage in the developed markets, it is projected to report fast growth in terms of value and volume because of the fast-emerging economies such as India, China and Brazil. Even in the developed market, new opportunities have opened up for manufacturers as the consumers are demanding natural/organic version of all types of products including Make-Up.

Some of the prominent trends in the global cosmetics industry include-:

  • Reviving consumer purchasing power in developed economies
  • Increasing demand for locally-produced organic products
  • Consumer inclination towards value-for-money products
  • Increasing demand for products that can be used on-the-go

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Detailed profile of Canadian Make-Up market
  • Consumer demographics, trends and behaviors
  • Top 4 consumer trends which will influence Make-up products consumption
  • Value and volume analysis for the Canadian Make-Up market
  • Historic and forecast consumption in the Canadian Make-Up Market
  • Retail landscape of the Canadian Make-Up Market
  • Packaging landscape of the Canadian Make-Up Market



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