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Cosmetic Surgery for you. Why not ?

Cosmetic Surgery is a process by which you get to rediscover yourself. It’s no more an uncommon one or a procedure only reserved for the elite. I see more and more people opt for the procedures we offer to regain their looks and confidence. The procedures too are constantly evolving and are performed with utmost care to patients’ safety. Further as a Cosmetic Surgeon I do select my patients who deserve the procedure after explaining in detail on procedure and other options. This helps in better outcome and patient satisfaction.

How do you choose a Cosmetic Surgeon:

In Current world anyone doing Cosmetic surgery work claim themselves as a Plastic Surgeon with no proper training in Plastic Surgery techniques. Its you who have to do the homework to choose the proper centre. Many stand alone centres with inadequate facilities do procedures putting you at risk.

When you are considering Cosmetic Surgery or a Medical Spa treatments, you deserve the very best. Finding a Plastic Surgeon who is qualified, experienced, and who has similar values to you is also of the utmost importance.

What does Pearl Plastic Surgery Clinic offer you?

Plastic Surgery Clinic in Chennai – Pearl Plastic Surgery Clinic is currently and exclusive Consultation suite where you will be guided on your needs of Cosmetic procedures. The environment helps you to discuss in detail about the procedures and options. Once you have clearly understood about procedures Dr Sasikumar M will help you choose a best option for you. If it’s a Surgical option it will be offered to you in centres to which he is attached to. The medical spa treatments like Skin glow treatment, Age defying Botox & filler Injections, Laser Hair reduction and tattoo removal Pearl is fully equipped to cater to your needs.

I feel any treatment without proper understanding it is a futile exercise. Hence I personally consult all my patients twice before actually examining them and taking up for surgery. This gives them adequate time to plan the procedure also clear all their queries on procedure before consenting for the same.

Most commonly performed Cosmetic surgeries by me are Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck), Cosmetic Breast surgeries, Hair transplantation, Scar Corrections.

The non-Surgical options include Microdermabrassion, Chemical Peels, Age defying Botox & filler Injections, Laser Hair reduction, Tattoo removal and RF Skin tightening.

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