Craving Indian Sweets but can’t get out? Order Online at Dale’s Eden Cake Shop


Shopping online was the first in this field but now ordering sweets, desserts are also possible.  Sweets have always been a necessity: after a meal or simply satiating your sweet tooth.

Indian variety of sweets is as vast as its culture. Each state, regions have their own specialty. Some of the well-known traditional sweets are laddu, rasgulla, mysorepak, barfi, gajarkahalwa, gulabjamun, sandesh, modak etc. Indian sweets have their distinct flavor a lot different than the normal cakes and pastries.  The delicious sweets are hard to resist. Sweets not only look attractive, but also taste amazing. In addition, they are packed in a special manner for everlasting freshness. The thing about Indian sweets are that, there’s one for all seasons, occasion etc.

Any Sweets shop in Mumbai offers that variety which you can enjoy sitting at home. A sweets shop in Andheri west includes a large variety of luxurious and tender sweets. Though new delicacies and takes from the western cultures are undermining traditional dishes, these dishes still stand out. No cake, pastries macaroni’s can take its place. Even today traditional dishes are offered to deities during festivals. For such occasion, online ordering comes in handy

Wonder ever if you could simply browse your website and order it at home. Those freshly made milk sweets or jelly-made, that just melt into your mouths are just a click away. Delectable Indian sweets have taken a step into the online world. Every sweets shop in Mumbai that is based out on Indian specialties has plunged into this world too. Every other sweets shop in Andheri West that has a vast menu of desserts and sweets is now starting online delivery to meet the trend.  These sweets are freshly made and simple to order. What is the different between ordering by phone and online? It’s that with online ordering you have a visual as to what you ordering along with the choices and options, while telephonic transactions require you to know exactly what you want to order.

Today even that’s just a matter of minutes, all we have to do is log onto the website, browse through the menu and order just that. Those delectable Indian sweets that just make you drool are now also available to order online. How much longer are you going to keep your sweet tooth waiting? Log on and Enjoy!


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