Create Your Own Path or Further Your Career with Coach Training


Business Coaching Training, Life Coach Training, Executive Coaching Certification, or Career Coach Certification in Las Vegas with the Center for Coaching Certification Move past paralysis-by-analysis and take this opportunity for a limited time in select locations.

August 2014 – Employers are seeking leaders with exceptional skills. Management and CEOs are seeking professionals to help them enhance their leadership skills. Completing coach training – business coaching training, life coach training, executive coaching certification, or career coach certification – expands your possibilities with leadership development and goal setting to enhance productivity, and increase career opportunities.

Your opportunity begins November 3.

After completion of your coaching certification, you will mentor and coach employees with new insights to working with each person, communication tools, and process for focused conversations which enhances results and the relationship. After completion of coach training you will create a partnership in which you empower your client to consider what they do want in their life and move past their barriers creating their own plan. You will serve your client by exploring possibilities, providing perspective, creating accountability, and enhancing follow-through. Coach training prepares you for a partnership wherein the Coach works with the Client to explore opportunities, define priorities, create a strategy, clarify objectives, develop action plans, move past challenges, and progress toward the outcomes the client chooses. Coaching certification prepares you to empower a Client to explore their areas of interest, discover their motivating factors, define their ideal career path, and strategize how to maximize their opportunities.

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