Cylance Successfully Builds Momentum Across Asia-Pacific with Tailored Approaches to Each Country


Cylance, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity through the use of artificial intelligence to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, announced the expansion of its Asia-Pacific operations with a tailored approach ideal for satisfying customer needs in specific APAC countries.
Since the company’s official launch into APAC earlier this year, Cylance has had great success in establishing a presence in Japan, partnering with Hitachi Solutions and MOTEX to accelerate its entry into the Japanese market, where customer interest and adoption are exceptionally strong.
In Australia, Cylance has already established a strong partnership with Aquion, the first reseller of CylancePROTECT endpoint protection products for Australia and New Zealand.
As Cylance expands beyond its initial Japanese and Australian engagement, the company has signed a further three new reseller partners in the Australian/New Zealand region.
Cylance have ongoing plans to expand further throughout APAC, and are in the process of bringing on board a number of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and other IT solution providers to extend its footprint and better serve their customers as part of the ongoing expansion into Asia.
Len Findlay, Founder and CEO of VMtech said, “Cylance is a key component in our security practice offering. Endpoint security is an area that’s been in great need for a disruptor such as Cylance to hit the market with a unique and innovative approach in delivering protection to the end user.”
Len added: “After testing Cylance PROTECT in our own labs and comparing it to legacy endpoint security technologies we were keen to take it to market, so when our own experience was echoed with our customer base, we knew we picked the right partner. We see huge market potential here in Australia. If our initial customer feedback is anything to go by, this will be a technology to watch in the coming months and years.”
Cylance has produced the world’s most advanced malware detection and attack prevention technology, which is protecting more than 1000 global organizations and millions of computers today.
With significant customer interest throughout Asia, Cylance will strategically evaluate the requirements across each region, determining who they will be partnering with across distribution, solutions providers and MSSPs.
Cylance has developed an innovative way of stopping malware before it ever executes, using a lightweight agent that predicts and prevents cyber threats using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
With ransomware emerging as one of the most challenging cyber threats of 2016 causing real harm to businesses and individuals across the globe, Cylance has established itself as a world leader in combating ransomware attacks with prevention, as well as helping new customers who have called upon Cylance for assistance in remediation from the effects of cyber attacks that leveraged Trojan malware.
With customized cyberattack toolkits available to hackers, this strain of malware is currently causing 90,000 infections per day, and costing businesses worldwide $60 million dollars per year in breach-related costs.
Andy Solterbeck, Regional Director, APAC for Cylance, said, “We are seeing tremendous interest with partners across the APAC region, whose customers are desperate for a preventive endpoint solution that really works. Working with our partners, we know that the best way to satisfy customer demand for Cylance solution in APAC is to focus on specific partners for each country.”
Andy added: “We have used Australia as a launch pad into APAC, enabling us to gain significant traction in Japan. Our strategy will continue to be about evaluating the requirements for each country and then determining the best approach for engaging that market through partners, resellers, distributors, solution providers (VARs) and MSSPs.”



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