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Ken Research has announced its distribution on, “Maximizing Direct-to-Consumer Opportunities in Insurance” which analyzes the state of the emerging online direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel in the global insurance industry.

The report considers the evolution of distribution channels in the insurance industry, and also inspects technological innovation in distribution and the growth of current distribution channels in key emerging and mature economies, and analyzes the premiums earned through each distribution channel by insurance segment.

Insurers are able to explore innovative and more effective channels to enable customer interaction following a decline in sales through brokers and agents, particularly in mature economies very easily through the contents of this report.

It analyzes how insurers can augment their offerings through integration of digital technology into business models.

It helps to gain an insight into how next-generation insurers are and will be using D2C platforms to create new products and services as well as an understanding of changes in consumer behavior in the digital environment, which is persuading insurers to adopt D2C strategies.

Overall, an understanding of D2C trends in other industries which are acting as catalysts in digital expectation among insurance customers is well provided by the report that tells about the existing competitive markets as well as technological innovations that exist and that are to begin in future.

The insurance industry has experienced a phase of digital transformation which has impacted the entire business function, from underwriting to claims management. Majority of startups are focused to sanction insurers to work with them on technology and consumer engagement, opposed to deranging and competing. Some are replacing agents by making digital channels and addressing problems with current models. The enhancement of technology has encouraged the insurers to investigate and inaugurate D2C channels and in May 2016, D2C unfolded as a channel with growth prospects in future.

The emerging relevance of digital technology in insurance business models, and the need to strengthen digital capability are motivating insurers to evolve D2C channels and maximization. Insurers anticipate ample use of direct online channels as an alternative method. D2C can not only help them in maximizing sales, but also provide a range of services through an online platform which further lowers the distribution costs and provides an opportunity for insurers to capitalize on direct interactions.  A shift of power has been made from insurers to consumers due to increasing internet penetration, availability and transparency of information. As a result, customers are putting importance to the ease of service provided, and anticipating delivery to be rapid.

Topics Covered in The report

  • Global insurance industry research report
  • Insurance sector Trends
  • Direct to consumer insurance opportunities
  • Insurance industry distribution channels
  • US insurance industry outlook
  • UK direct to consumer service in insurance
  • Japan insurance sector
  • India Insurance sector trends
  • China insurance industry future Outlook

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