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In 2016, the supply of luxury eyewear was extremely limited in spite of the removal of import merchandise barriers. While travelling abroad, people with high purchasing power tend to buy luxury eyewear products because of its extensive supply and versatility in its variety available. People tend to buy luxury eyewear merchandise at airport since shops cater exclusive brands like Cartier and Gucci and have easy access.

According to the market research report “Luxury Eyewear in Argentina“, in coming years, the market for optics and eyewear will show optimum growth in future. Enhancement in awareness of the damage caused by the UV rays, the demand of sunglasses and its frames have become a major fashion trend for people. There is advancement in technology and innovation in branded glasses, which have better protection from harmful sunrays, dust, and water and appeal to customers for their fine quality and style. People with higher income use eyeglass as a part of facial accessory and wear the matching sunglasses with variety of outfits as it highlights their personality. The top most players of luxury eyewear market are Essilor, Luxottica, Carl Zeiss, Safilo, Marcolin and Marchon.

The population aged over 45 years on an average has poor eye vision and there is an increase in bad eye vision in young children as well because of excessive usage of electronic devices like tablets, smart phones, etc. therefore, the demand for eye glasses has increased. Also because of increase in population of Argentina and worldwide, several new possibilities as well as opportunities for eye glass manufacturer and retailers have mushroomed. Modern day changing life style encourages individuals to purchase lenses, sunglasses and frames according to fashion trends. Fashion trends for eyewear are continuously changing which leads to an increase in sales of different brands and those brands have to cope up with its changing fashion trends simultaneously.

The development of technology of eye care industry is also increasing at a faster pace from the evolution of eyeglass to soft contact lenses in order to meet the demand of customers. Selling of prescription glasses or contact lenses with expanded production capacity, advanced anti-dumping measures, phytosanitary barriers and rising quality standards has led to increase in demand for luxury eyewear in Argentina in future period and it would lead to boost the sales.

The eyewear market is segmented on the basis of product type, end users and mode of sale. On the basis of product type market is segmented into prescription glasses or spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses. On the basis of end users it is segmented into comprised retail and online stores. In 2014, in the basis of end users, men’s segment dominated the market but it is estimated that in future women demand for sunglasses and contact lenses will increase rapidly. Especially for female segment the manufacturers are producing new variety of luxury eyewear in forecast years.

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