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Global Data estimates sales of dyslipidemia therapeutics to be approximately $11.2B across the 7MM in 2015, encompassing the US, 5EU, and Japan. The dyslipidemia market will grow at a strong CAGR of 10.1% over the forecast period, reaching sales of $29.2B by 2025. The US is the largest market for dyslipidemia therapies, contributing approximately 61.5% of total sales in the base year. Global Data expects uptake of the revolutionary class of PCSK9 targeting biologics to be the strongest driver of growth in the dyslipidemia market in the 7MM, reaching peak sales of $9.5B in 2025. Despite the launch of such efficacious lipid-lowering therapies, there is ample opportunity for pipeline drugs targeting the broader mixed dyslipidemia market. As pricing is expected to be the strongest barrier to uptake in the dyslipidemia, space, cost-effective therapies will be more successful at penetrating the market.

The major drivers for growth across the 7MM in the dyslipidemia market during the forecast period will be the launch of the novel PCSK9 targeting therapies.

KOLs interviewed by GlobalData opined that ETC-1002 (bempedoic acid) will be a strong contender, and will displace ezetimibe as the standard of care for statin intolerant patients.

The highest revenue generators in the 7MM market at the end of 2025 will be the PCSK9 targeting therapies and ETC-1002.

In other interviews, KOLs highlighted that the greatest unmet need in the dyslipidemia space is disease awareness, with a large proportion of patients going underdiagnosed, and of those who are diagnosed, drug treatment rates are also low.

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