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The report titled “Packaging Industry in Argentina”, provides a comprehensive analysis of flexible packaging products, major leading players in Argentina, country’s economy impact on packing products, applications of flexible packaging, plastic packaging, leading players in plastic packaging, beverage packing materials, leading players in beverage packing materials, paper packing, leading players in paper packing, packaging of frozen foods, and future of flexible packaging products in Argentina.

Industry Overview: Packaging is usually referred as enclosing a product for the purpose of storage, distribution, sale, and use. One such packaging is flexible packaging, which is a non-rigid method of packaging using flexible materials such as plastic, aluminium, and paper. These materials undergo various processes such as printing, lamination, coating, and extrusion to develop different types of flexible packaging products, such as plastic bags and pouches, lid films, foil bags, and sachets. Based on raw materials used, the packaging market in Argentina is categorized into four segments such as plastic, paper, aluminium foil, and cellulose packaging materials. The major leading players in packaging industry in Argentina are Amcor, Bemis, Printpack and Sealed Air. The major products where flexible packaging is applied are baby food, baked goods, breakfast cereals, confectionery, dairy, edible oils, ice cream and frozen desserts, processed fruit and vegetables, processed meat, seafood, ready meals, rice, pasta and noodles, sauces, dressings and condiments, savoury snacks, soup, spreads, sweet biscuits, snack bars and fruit snacks.

Industry Overview in Argentina: Argentina packaging industry has faced a hard phase during the economic crisis. The purchasing power of low-income and middle-income social groups has reduced drastically curbing any innovation and premium packaging opportunities. Argentina witnessed a sharp fall in wages and rising unemployment, decline in consumption habits which has affected the packaging types and packaging sizes across the different categories. The premiumisation trend did not help much and the country’s economy suffered a lot because consumers became more quality conscious and demanded premium products. The personal care sector in Argentina provides eco-friendly packaging with benefits such as small packing, low cost and environment safe materials. With the decline in consumers’ disposable incomes, many companies launched plastic pouches with low price compare to the traditional packaging.

Plastic Packaging in Argentina: The plastic packaging use has changed in many ways over the recent years. Now-a-days majority of the plastic packings are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Plastic packing is now a durable source of packing across the world. The demand for plastic packaging is continuing even though serious concerns are being raised about its impact on the environment. However, with government regulations and consumer demand for plastic packings is pushing manufacturers to venture into plastic packaging solutions that are biodegradable or derived from sustainable sources. Plastic packaging solutions are used in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare for long shelf-life, and durability. It was observed that the demand for plastic packaging solutions in the country will continue growing in the next few years. The major vendors of plastic packaging in Argentina are Amcor, Mondi Group, Bemis, Rexam, RPC Group, Winpak, and AptarGroup.

Packaging in Beverage Market in Argentina: Consumption of beverage is growing across all the developing economies. Argentina government has placed barriers on the production and disposal of synthetic polymers such as plastic. Therefore, all the beverage manufacturing companies are focusing on innovative convenient packaging solutions. There are stringent government regulations for environmental safety within the country. The leading players in Argentina beverage packaging are Alcoa, Amcor, Ardagh Group, Bemis, Crown Holdings, Graham Packaging, Mondi Group, Rexam PLC, Reynolds Group Holdings, RPC Group, Saint Gobain, Sonoco Products Company, Tetra Laval, Toyo Seikan and WestPack.

Paper Packaging in Argentina: Majority of the packing industries in Argentina use paper and the demand for paper packaging will witness a continuing growth over the coming years. Paper packaging is used across industries like healthcare, personal care, homecare, retail and others. Consumer’s preference towards eco-friendly and sustainability has led to a huge development in paper packaging compare to plastic packaging which poses significant threat to environment. Also, the demand for recycling has led to the use of paper as packaging material and majority of the businesses are looking for low cost packing materials which help in keeping the environment safe along with government regulations intact. The leading players in Argentina’s paper packaging market are Tetra Laval, International Paper Company, Rengo, WestRock, Graphic Packaging International Corporation, Smurfit Kappa and others.

Packaging in Frozen Foods Market: The frozen ready to eat foods is an emerging category in the packing sector. The storage life of the foods is extended notably with decrease in temperatures. Argentina consumer’s expectations of food quality are rising and there is an increase in the frozen food packaging market.. The Argentina frozen food packaging market is divided into glass, paper, metal, plastic and others. based on the type of food product such as readymade meals, fruits and vegetables, meat, sea food, baked goods and others. The various types of packaging product are bags, boxes, cans, cartons, trays, wrappers and others. Argentina frozen food packaging market is expected to witness an increasing demand for convenience by consumers, increase in disposable income and changing consumer behaviour.

Future of Flexible Packaging Products in Argentina: There is huge demand for flexible packaging products due to rising demand for packed food products, beverages and demand for innovative lightweight materials. The country’s growth in the economy and changing lifestyles has led to an increased demand for various flexible packaging products and the market is expected to grow lucratively over the next few years.


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