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Ken Research announced the most recent publication titled “CONSUMER AND MARKET INSIGHTS: CONFECTIONERY IN BRAZIL,” which offers insightful knowledge on the Confectionery in Brazil specifying the major demographic groups driving consumption, their motivation for consumption combined with an in-depth analysis of the market and category dynamics which identifies the key opportunities and target market. The production uses a unique method of quantifying consumer trends and so, it also highlights the degree that influence trends have on consumption. Moreover, A study of market value and volumes from 2010-2020, supplemented with category, brand, and packaging analysis that showcases the current state of the market and how it will evolve over the next five years along with the changing needs of the consumer.

The population of Brazil registered is almost 202.8 million and the GDP growth is 0.1% as per the PPP. The unemployment and inflation rate is found high in the country such as 6.8% and 6.3% respectively. It stands at the 21st position in the south and central America. Brazil’s constraint experiment with market-oriented reforms has been uneven and even derailed in various areas. The state’s presence in sectors such as energy, financial services and electricity remains supreme. The legacy of decades of central planning, state meddling in financial activity continues even where it has demonstrably failed, and the vague rule of law further undermine financial progress. The regulatory environment hinders much needed economic transformation and undercuts realization of the country’s whole potential. Expanding public debt and higher debt service costs have kept fiscal pressure at peak, and burdensome taxes, moreover, crowd out private-sector growth.

Brazil remained to face tough financial conditions in 2016, which is affecting demand for durable goods such as domestic appliances and electronics, and also some categories of food and beverages, especially those not considered essentials such as chocolate confectionery. High inflation and other macro factors affecting production costs, such as the cost of raw materials, packaging and logistics are challenging the category. The continued growth in health awareness and a consequent shift towards healthier alternatives is also anticipated to affect this indulgent category, with expanding fierce competition from snacks and biscuits.

Kraft Foods Brazil Ltd which is owned by Mondelez International continued to lead the chocolate confectionery category in Brazil in 2016. The company witness great popularity among consumers, combined with huge awareness of most of its brands, such as Lacta, Sonho de Valsa and Ouro Branco. The same organisation also dominates the gum market. Trident, Bubbaloo and Chiclets are leading brands in sugar-free gum, bubble gum and sugarised chewing gum, respectively. The company’s overall performance is a continued work of brand management, including promotional campaigns implemented via social media, TV and other vehicles to reach consumers.

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