Extension Of You Home Care, Inc In Apex NC, Provides Elderly Care At Home Solutions


Apex NC, 05-JANUARY-2015 – Extension of You HomeCare Inc is pleased to announce that elderly care in their homes is available to area residents. Many seniors are able to remain in familiar surroundings, but require assistance to accomplish some of the activities of daily living. These can include a variety of tasks which are not complicated individually, but together can form a barrier to independent living. The Apex NC Home Health Care Service is able to provide those individual services in a professional and caring manner.

Some of the common services which can be arranged include meal preparation and reminders to take medication. Professional caregivers can offer respite care and other non-medical services. When transportation to doctor’s appointments or shopping trips are needed, these are available to those who need the assistance. Services can be provided around the clock when needed, or occasionally, when the specific type of care is required. The professional assessment determines the frequency and duration of the services.

When families are trying to determine how to provide companionship for senior members of the household during times when a family member cannot be present, the company can help. Those individuals with Parkinson’s disease are assisted with physical needs. Other types of patients who need help include those with multiple sclerosis and brain injuries.

The assisted living services can include a wide range of tasks. They are tasks which a client is unable physically or mentally to perform for himself. Meal planning and shopping are examples. Sometimes, a patient must be transported to see a dentist or doctor. Walking a pet is another simple task. Some clients need assistance in laundry efforts.

Learn more about senior home care services by paying a visit to the web pages at http://theExtensionofyou.com today. Members of the press and those who have additional questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact the company at the location listed below.

Company Name: Extension of You Home Care Inc
Address: PO Box 1341, Apex, NC 27502
Contact Telephone Number: (919) 629-2044
Email: help@theExtensionOfYou.com
Website: http://theExtensionofyou.com


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