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Facial recognition technology has begun to gain traction on devices like i-Phone X. Just recently IDEMIA announced their plan to install facial recognition cameras in rental vehicles. IDEMIA is a French company that specializes in biometrics and digital technology. This company is using technology to increase the security of rented vehicles. Car rental market research reports indicate that the number of users opting for car sharing services is expected to surge by 2025. However, this technology is posing a serious threat to privacy. Law authorities and car rental companies will now be able to spy on people. Car rental companies can combine GPS and facial recognition data to create an intimate record.

Certain digital methods have been introduced in the recent past in order to improve the safety and security of rented cars. These methods mostly rely on digital photography. The technology is now improving and there is more advanced and improved methods to combat the issue of security of rented cars. Omoove under Octo Telematics with its partner IDEMIA has developed an application called EasyOpen which people can download on their smart phones and use as keys to their rented cars. This was a step taken in the interest of security to ensure that only authorized people operate the vehicle. Both these companies have now taken a step further in the interest of security. They have now incorporated facial recognition into their EasyOpen solutions system. The system uses the smart phone to create the identity of the driver by registering ID documents while afterwards granting access to the car through a selfie thanks to IDEMIA’s facial recognition solution. The digital enrolment process combined with facial recognition technology will securely enroll and authenticate the driver before EasyOpen automatically opens the car.

Security is an immediate concern for the industry because it is expected that the number of people availing car rental and car sharing services will increase. Private car usage will then decrease and car rental services will need high performing technologies to secure shared and rented vehicles. IDEMIA and Omoove have strengthened their position in this market with simple and fast EasyOpen solutions.

Until now the incorporation of facial identification technology was not part of the car rental industry however, it has now been brought into the industry by some of the most reputed players. Omoove’s parent company Octo Telematics is a European leader in providing innovative technological solutions. OT Morpho (Oberthur Technologies) now known as IDEMIA is a leading global provider of security software products and services.  Apart from this, it also specializes in Augmented Identity to cater to the modern digital world and has a strong foothold in the field.

Car rental industry analysis reveals a rapidly increasing demand. This industry is undergoing advancements in the security sector with big players like OT and Morpho joining forces to form IDEMIA and thereby augmenting technological change by introducing facial recognition technology. Their innovation is being well received globally as they serve 180 countries.

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