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Poland is a highly developed country in Europe that is ranked as one of the most dynamic and high income economies. Polish population enjoy high standards of living, education, healthcare, technology, tourism, art, literature, sports, fashion, designing, architecture, energy resources, and communications and many other facilities. The country exports various products such as machinery, furniture, food products, clothing, shoes, cosmetics and many more. Almost all goods such as electronics, buses, trams, helicopters, planes, trains, ships, military equipment, medicines, food, clothes, glass, pottery, chemical products and many more are manufactured in Poland. The country is also one of the world’s biggest producers of copper, silver, and coal.

According to the study “Consumer Lifestyles in Poland”, it was observed that consumer spending increased rapidly over the years due to the increase in Polish consumers’ disposable incomes. Majority of the population opt for “Made in Poland” products, however, this tradition is changing gradually with the popular online shopping. Poland consumer lifestyle is mostly related to the spending patterns on eating, drinking, shopping habits, branded stores, retail venues, branded clothing, fashion trends, home ownership and spending on recreation. Consumer Lifestyle segmentation includes all age groups from babies to pensioners.

Poland consumers are specific about the stores they visit for spending on food or drinks, electronics, healthcare system, and other needs. Majority of the products manufactured within the country are trustworthy for almost all the consumers in the country. Polish consumers directly trust a company if it manufactures any of its products in Poland. Consumers always develop positive attitude towards their country made foods and drink products which aim for high quality and great taste. Almost all the small businesses are trustworthy compared to large businesses. Consumers are relying more on word-of-mouth than expert statements or brands which communicate more honestly and directly gaining consumers trust. Various products consumption in Poland is majorly driven by the ecological and social values. The consumer lifestyle in Poland is usually defined by their cultural practices, free spending, and recreation which involve everyday practices or habits of eco-oriented individuals.

The luxury goods market in Poland is the least stipulated market with very few consumers. With increasing consumer income over the coming years the luxury goods market that involves fashion and lifestyle may witness a slight growth. Growth in food and beverage sector has encouraged shopping centre units or malls with high-quality eating out offer. This development led to more positive mature food markets that are growing rapidly with consumer spending on eating out frequently. It is expected that over the next few years the food and beverages category will grow at a whooping rate with consumers’ desire to increase shopping trips with social and leisure experiences. The Polish market is changing and challenging with the evolution of consumer behaviour towards higher quality goods, flavours and services. The tourism sector is sure to witness a drastic growth in the coming years.

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