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Ken Research has announced recent report titled, “Global Food Additives Market Status, 2011-2022 Market Historical and Forecasts, Professional Market Research Report” which entails information on market statistics including present scenario and future outlook of the industry. The report offers insights on recent industry developments, market classification by products and geography. It also highlights production and capacity utilization rate, consumption statistics and market trade data covering import and export data.

It showcases the market forecasts for both global and regional market and an informative study on the new project investment feasibility along with provision of the conclusions and related recommendations on the research basis.

Key markets covered in the report are:


North America

South America




An additive is mixed in a finished product to improve its protection against harmful bacteria and other kinds of microbes for prolonging the shelf life and also imparts features such as flavor, color, and taste in foodstuff and raise its nutritional content.

The market for food additives has had a noticeable impact on the development of the global food & beverage sector.  Food additives are categorized into acidulates, anti-caking agents, colors, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavors, hydrocolloids, preservatives, and sweeteners on the basis of type.

The major countries that reckoned for a large share in each region have been studied individually and the market size for the remaining countries is studied collectively as a single market at the end of the respective segments to accordingly conclude the different tastes and preferences of the customers and the changing demand for the food additives available with respect to their wants.

In 2014, North America had contributed for the largest market share for food additives followed by Europe. This industry is projected to come across growth that owes to changing consumer tastes and interests regarding quality and nutritional value of the product as well as growing consumer awareness about different kinds of tastes.

The segment for sweeteners is also expected to grow over the forecast period. The rising demand for packaged products including ready-to-eat meals, appetizers and frozen meals is too expected to result in manufacturers augmenting their production capacity and therefore ascend the overall demand in the future.

Topics Covered in The Report

  • Global Food Additives Market Research
  • Global Food Additives Industry
  • Global Food Additives Industry Future Outlook
  • Global Food Additives Market Trends
  • Global Food Additives Market by Geography
  • North America Food Additives Market
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  • Global Food Additives Market size
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  • Global Food Additives Market analysis

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