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French dairy market will witness a steady growth over the coming years due to increase in the consumption of dairy products. The major consumers of milk and milk products are kids, babies and aged population. Among the milk and milk products, yogurt will witness a huge growth for its benefits. Majority of the French population are attracted to natural products, health, quality and trust in any of the diary and soy food products.

French Dairy-Based & Soy-Based Desserts market is growing rapidly with increase in the sales of various products such as Cheesecakes, Creme Caramel, Custard Ready to Eat, Flans (Puddings/Desserts), Fools, Frozen Puddings/Desserts, Mousses, Other Dairy-Based Desserts, Soy-Based Desserts, Trifles. The leading distribution channels for dairy and soy-based products are hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, dollar stores, variety store, e-Retailers, food & drinks specialists, drug stores, pharmacies, health stores, beauty stores, and other general retailers.

Consumers are rediscovering the authentic taste of cheese sold at the counter in mass-market retailing while preferring quality over quantity. French population in urban areas are attracted to the blooming delicatessen shops which are a paradise for traditional and quality cheese. They offer increasingly creative cheese and formats such as in small cubes of aged mimolette cheese and others. There a difference in taste of packaged cheese and upmarket grated cheese such as Comté or Cantal and old age Emmentaler. There is a huge demand for added-value cheese products such as hot cheese (Raclette, Fondue, Tartiflette), cheese for aperitif and snacking, and cheese for culinary recipes. The demand for such quality cheese led to a strong growth in the French cheese and dairy market. The leading player in French cheese market is Groupe Lactalis which promotes the famous Président brand and Galbani brand which is a popular mozzarella. Cheese is the chief and secured product in French national consumption. New variants of cheese product may continue to be launched with it huge demand in the country.

According to the study “Country Profile: Dairy & Soy Food Sector in France”, majority of the French consumers are opting for lactose-free milk and gluten-free foods, not because they are lactose or gluten intolerant, but because these products make them feel better. Due to the increasing incidents of animal abuse during milk collection process has affected the milk and milk products sector in the country. Another major factor affecting the dairy and soy food sector is the French modern lifestyle. Consumers are increasingly busy impacting their breakfast which is the main occasion for milk consumption. Majority of them consume breakfast in a hurry or even skip due to their time schedules.

The decreasing quantity and quality in regular cow’s milk has decreased the traditional consumption of drinking milk. This resulted in increase in other alternative milks such as organic milk, flavoured milk and energy milk. Organic milk offers taste and quality along with an alternative to conventional milk. Majority of the flavoured milk drinks are consumed on occasions such as breakfast or after exercise. The leading player in French alternative milk is Groupe Lactalis with flagship brand Lactel promoting three leading products, semi-skimmed Lactel, organic Lactel and lactose-free Lactel Matin Léger. The dairy alternatives market is categorised based on various products such as almond milk, soy milk, soy foods, coconut milk, oat foods, rice foods, and hemp products. Triballat Noyal is the leading player in French dairy alternative market.

Yoghurt and sour milk products are a category in the dairy and soy foods sector. French population simplified their meals by including desserts such as fruit, pastries, ice cream and dairy desserts while skipping yoghurt and sour milk products. Reduced fat and sugar free yoghurts were perceived as artificial foods compared to drinking yoghurt, high-protein yoghurt, and new yoghurt alternatives. With varied assumptions in the French population has led to less demand for products and saturation in this category. The leading players in dairy foods market in France are Danone France SA and Lactalis Nestlé Produits Frais (LNPF).

Currently, France is witnessing butter shortage due to huge demand in the world market. With the rising demand for butter in the world market, the butter supply is falling rapidly with inflation. The world market for butter is much more attractive than the domestic market in France. Therefore, all the butter manufacturers are keen to continue business in the world market rather than in France.

The leading players in French dairy sector are Alpro , Auchan, Bjorg , Boursin, Candia, Carrefour, Coradrive, Dean Foods Company, E. Leclerc, Entremont, Fruiterroir, General Mills Inc., Gloria, Groupe Auchan, Groupe Casino, Groupe Danone S.A, Groupe Lea Nature, Groupe Limagrain, Intermarche, Lactalis, Lactel, Laita, Meule d`Or, Nestlé S.A., Noble Desserts Holdings Ltd., Ooshop, Petit Filous, Président, Ptit Louis, Régilait, Rians, Royal Wessanen Nv, Seno, ble Dessert Premium, Sodiaal, Sojasun, Spar, Tartare, Triballat Noyal, Unilever, Unilever Plc., and Yeo Hiap Seng Limited.

French soy food market will witness a steadily growth in the coming years due to consumers awareness in health and wellness. Soy consist of high nutritional value and best amino and protein profile benefiting consumers’ health. Soy foods reduce cholesterol levels, hypertension, risk of cancers, regulates glucose levels in consumers with diabetes, increase bone density, and promote weight loss. Soy food market in France introduced soy-based yogurt, soy-milk and soy-milk protein ingredients which are of great demand.

Dairy foods such as milk may resume growth if manufacturers provide high-quality milk safe for consumers’ health, nutrition and tractability. Also, the increasing consumption of alternative dairy products may lead to a rapid growth in French dairy sector along with soy foods sector over the coming years.


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