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Full service restaurants in Finland specialize in offering a special dining experience to consumers. They offer trendy menus, better customer service, take care of ethical and ecological concerns and ensure a good atmosphere.

Finnjavel restaurant is a cultural project that has offered traditional Finnish fine dining, dishes and furniture designed especially for the restaurants. Into a series of TV, the restaurant opening has been innovatively done. One more restaurant has been opened which is marked as an urban home extension with no fuss and relaxed atmosphere, simple food and live DJ’s.

According to the report, “Full-Service Restaurants in Finland”, in 2016, the new trend of vegan food has been observed to gain momentum. High quality of ingredients have been used which increasingly made the vegan food popular. S Group has been the leading company of full service restaurants in Finland with a significant value share. This domestic retailing giant operates a wide full service restaurant chains. The company changes its menus and decor regularly according to new concept. The company holds over 2 million consumer loyalty bonus programmes. It also provides discount to customers who holds S-Etukortti card which attracts more consumers. S-Groups operate non-chained restaurants as well. The company significantly influences the total consumer food service marketing in Finland.

Lucky Bastard is a restaurant in Finland which offers gourmet burger which is made of Black Angus beef ground. It specializes in making own sauce and offering vegan options. It promises to use Finnish potatoes and they use recycled products and emphasize on eco-friendliness. The restaurant also features a text on its window which says ” No violence, no homophobia, no racism only peace love and burgers.”

The consumers in Finland have been noticed to prefer a good quality food with varieties of menu and flavors with esteemed services. They are attracted by the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Recently, an “irregular regular” dinner has been offered to a group of 10 people in a secret by a celebrity chef Hans Vilimaki with changing location. This type of uniqueness has prolonged to attract Finnish consumers.

Consumers are used to enjoying the French cuisine and seafood based several course dinners which are made of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Latently, introduction of “Gluten-free” restaurants has been planned by Finnish Coeliac Society. It will surely help many allergenic consumers to choose restaurants in which they can eat easily.

Over the forecast period, it is estimated that people will become more health conscious and will demand less calorie food and will be concerned about ethical and environmental issues. An organization named ResQ is dutiful in measuring the amount of food wasted in restaurants and analyzing that which food is thrown more into waste in order to well investigate the changing tastes and preferences of the consumers. This will help the market to plan well for achieving higher success rates in the future.

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