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Medical Alert Systems are the equipments and devices, which are used to call medical assistance. These are the alarm systems, which can be used by healthcare professionals or individuals with some medical condition to call for medical aid in times of emergency. It is a form of a panic button, which can be worn as a pendant, a watch, a wristband, or any other wearable form.

According to the market research report “Global Medical Alert Systems Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022“, these devices can be used as an Emergency Response System, Ambulance Alert System, Nurse Call System, and a lot more. These devices are easily accessible, are very affordable, and hence are very popular these days. The market is segment by components, end users and by geography. By components, medical alert system is consists of fall detection sensor, GPS, wireless transmitters, etc.

End users include hospitals, institutions which provide nursing facilities, home care systems,  senior citizen living facilities, etc. Geographically, the market is divided into North America (USA and Canada), Europe (France, Germany, Spain, U.K, etc.), Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, Japan, India), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil etc.), Middle East and Africa (South Africa). North America is the largest market for the medical alert system because of more awareness and affordability, followed by Europe. Medical Guardian LLC, Philips Lifeline, Greatcall, LifeFone, Better Alerts, Alert One Services LLC, are few of the major market players in this industry. The industry faces tough competition as there are many large players is this segment. In addition, in developing nations, affordability is an issue, which reduces the revenue earned. However, with expanding economies and increase in per capita income, the market is expected to grow significantly.

With increasing average age of population, expanding awareness about healthcare, independent lifestyle and increased income level, healthcare market is growing exponentially. Medical alert system is taking the healthcare system to the next level, providing more comfort and convenience to both medical professionals as well as the patients. It can be a life saving innovation for many and hence, it is a need in present time.

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