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Global Online Retailing, 2015-2020” report, published by Verdict Retail, provides analysis of the current and forecast market data of retail sales in different category groups in the online retail channel across the globe. In addition, it covers information on key technology trends, online trends in major countries, and the payment preferences of consumers. This report also focuses on major retailers across the regions, with an emphasis on innovative retailers in the online retail space.

Key Findings

China will overtake the US and become the world’s largest online market by 2020. India is set to grow the fastest by 2020

Apparel, accessories, luggage, and leather goods will be the largest category group sold online and is set to be the third fastest growing category by 2020.

M-commerce is gaining popularity, with the rise in smartphone and internet penetration. By 2020, m-commerce will account for more than half of B2C e-commerce spending.

Online retailers are adopting omni-channel strategies to provide an integrated and seamless online shopping experience to the customers

Social commerce is growing, driven by the greater integration of social media and e-commerce platforms


Provides a comprehensive view of the global online retail landscape, including current market sizes and category forecasts to 2020; and highlights the world’s fastest growing markets and category groups. Also provides key technology trends, payment preferences, delivery services and major hurdles in growth of online retailing Details market size and category forecasts for each region and countries and features major retailers, key innovative retailers and online retail trends

The report covers the 50 largest retail markets and includes 24 countries in Europe, 12 countries in Asia-Pacific, 9 countries in the Americas and 5 countries in the Middle east and Africa.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Global Online Retailing Market

Middle East Online Retailing Market

Asia-Pacific Online Retailing Market Forecast

Global Online Retailing Industry Research

Africa Online Retailing Market Size

Global Online Retailing Market Growth

US Online Retailing Market Revenue

Global Online Retailing Market Research Report

Europe Online Retailing Market Analysis

Global Online Retailing Market Trends

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