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The major driver of pharmaceuticals logistics market is the rising demand for home healthcare products. Logistics allows the pharmaceutical company to sustain viscidity and efficiency through international supply chain market.

Development of warehousing structures is a major focus area for the pharmaceutical industry to expand and grow and outsourcing to logistics services provider which is now on the increase. The main advantage of outsourcing logistics services stands in the reduced cost and greater visibility. The pharmaceutical company has also started outsourcing logistics-domain of the company to third party business units. It provides continuous supply of pharmaceuticals products like vaccines, anti-bodies, somatic cells and other biomolecules from sellers and traders in diverse places.

Segmentation of logistics is based on various types of logistics and procedure. Different types of logistics include sea freight, overland and integrated logistics also procedure include picking, storage, retrieval system and handling system. It has been observed that the leading pharmaceutical products will need temperature controlling transportation in future. There are a few manufacturers who have already incorporated climate control storage, which has proved to be cost effective .

To meet the need of global association of specialist forwarders where resources, capability and infrastructures are collaborated to meet the client demand particularly emphasizing on bio pharma cold chain requirement, the industrial professionals have launched pharma logistics network. The regional pharmaceutical logistics market is North America, Europe, Asia pacific, Latin America and MEA. Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a remunerative rate owing to high economic growth in the emerging economies such as India and China, resulting in the formation of new health markets during the forecast period. Moreover, there is growth in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. In order to keep up the growth to a high level, the Indian drug manufacturers are determining high standards of goods manufacturing practices.

The company is responsible for the first-class condition of the logistics while transporting the bio pharmaceutical products that has to be delivered. Immaculately, the logistic delivery company has to provide the material in good condition mainly at the time of manufacturing to the recipient. Consequently, during transportationa great care has to be taken by the logistic company.  The main reason behind it is that the biomolecules may be heat sensitive, or light sensitive or it may require some specific environmental conditions. The healthcare companies settle for logistics would provide various services. A good distribution service, which ensures product rectitude as the health and safety of the patients, is dependent on these bio pharmaceutical products. The complicate logistical procedures to maintain the pharmaceutical virtuousness of the product that is to be shipped. The achingly sensitive bio Pharmaceutical products need packaging proficiency. Safer as well as faster shipments options are also needed. The companies provide necessary requirements for the shipment without concession. Because of this reason, every shipment has its own shipment handling code.The tracking and tracing option services is also required. The logistics must provide every details of the shipment from the initial source to the target destination. This information is made readily available to the companies. Closed cool chain shipments services as well as controlled cool chain shipment is required. The logistics provide active and passive containers for shipment according to the temperature requirement by the shipment. It provides conditions specifically to predefined temperature ranges.

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