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Top Trends in Soft Drinks 2017” explores the latest consumer and innovation trends in bottled water, carbonated soft drinks, juices and smoothies, energy and sports drinks, and ready-to-drink tea and coffee.

The soft drinks industry is under increasing pressure as consumer spending stagnates, the war on sugar rages on, and consumers increasingly reject artificial alternatives. Trends explored in this research include healthy hydration solutions, the adultification of soft drinks, savory and spicy flavors, and soft drinks with just a hint of flavor or sweetness.


Globally, 60% of consumers are always or often influenced by how familiar or trustworthy a product feels when choosing non-alcoholic beverages.

Almost half of consumers (48%) globally are actively choosing soft drinks with low or no sugar.

Consumers are more willing to experiment with new product varieties when buying more generic beverages such as bottled water and RTD coffee/tea, than beverages that serve a functional purpose like energy and sports drinks.

Reasons to Buy

Identify the top trends driving the soft drinks sector.

Gain insight into the key consumer segments that are most likely to be a key focus for innovation.

Put innovative products into context by connecting them to specific consumer trends and needs.

Gain insight and inspiration for innovation.

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Soft Drinks Competitive Landscape,

Adultifying Soft Drinks Competitive Landscape,

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