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Ken Research announced the recent publication on 2017: Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Management,” offers wealth managers and their strategy teams insightful information on the significant developments emerging across the industry and the best methods to respond to such changes. The publication examines developments across a number of significant areas, from regulation, to product and service trends, to asset allocation drivers and the study is done to witness the impact of regulations to the industry specifically at MiFID II in Europe and tax amnesties across the globe. Moreover, this publication has discovered how wealth managers can benefit from the emerging regtech sector and how this may affect the adoption of block chain. The shrewd investigation of the potential growth and M&A opportunities offered by aging IFAs, as well as the divestment activity of global players. This publication offers reviews on the latest asset allocation trends and the driving element of growth of equities.

Wealth management as an investment-advisory discipline which incorporates monetary planning, investment portfolio administration and various aggregated financial services. High-net-worth individuals, small-business proprietors and families who seek the assistance of a credentialed financial advisory specialist call upon wealth managers to organize retail banking, estate planning, legal assets, tax professionals and investment management.

World Economy

A portion mere 0.7% of the global population owns near about half the world’s wealth. At the other part, 73% of the popular have less than $10,000 each. Lately, there has been an expanding sense that the economic recovery is shallow, and has not reached all layers of society. The number of global millionaires has soared by 155% since 2000, while the rank of the ultrarich has had an even more significant spike. The trend is only anticipated to continue. In 2000, the top 1% owned 49.6% of all household wealth. By 2009, the figure dropped to 45.4%. Since then, it has moved past the 50% mark, and it doesn’t look like that the trajectory is about to shift.

The huge gap between rich and poor is undermining economies, destabilizing societies and holding back the fight against poverty. Governments must act now by cracking down on tax dodging, elevating investment in public services and boosting the income of the lowest paid.

Globally 2015 was a certainly stagnant year for overall wealth, but the US and Japan was able to buck the trend. The UK, however, took a big hit in the wake of Brexit, losing USD1.5 trillion of its wealth when the pound was crushed. Moreover, the UK lost more millionaires than any other country across the globe. Switzerland remains by far the wealthiest country followed by US across the globe, per capita, with its average citizen’s net worth eleven times that of the world’s average, which has not changed from last year at 52,800 each.

Topics Covered in The Report

  • Global wealth management industry
  • Trends in global wealth management industry
  • UK wealth management industry
  • UAE Wealth Management Sector
  • Global HNWI Investment Trends
  • Dubai Foreign Direct Investment
  • UAE Private Wealth management Trends
  • UAE Financial Market Trends
  • UAE Investment Future Outlook
  • Expat Population in UAE
  • UAE HNW portfolio Analysis
  • Global wealth management market

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