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Japan is a country which is known for efficient infrastructural construction within limited cost and planned time. It being one of the countries with well organized roads and highways; has also taken great initiatives for road infrastructural development in Africa.

There was an increase in personal automobile use mainly after World War II in Japan but there were inadequate facilities available that could not match the increasing demand. There was only a small percent of national highways that were available till 1956. But after 1956, the government well established Japan Highway Public Corporation which was indulged in construction and managing network of expressways and at present, there are sufficient roads, highways and expressways in Japan , however, for 2020 Olympics; development in the industry is still required.

According to the report, “Road Infrastructure (Construction) in Japan: Market Analytics by Category & Cost Type to 2021”, highway, causeway, streets, parkways, pavements, underpasses, flyover, overpasses, road bridges, road tunnels, etc. are included in road infrastructure in Japan. Construction of roads is the most basic form of infrastructures and it plays a vital role in the lives of people in Japan. Construction and development of road infrastructure is very important as it entrails the demand of enormous transport and serve as routes.

Projects have been made to improve the overall efficiency and transparency in construction of roads in Japan. Evaluation is done during the planning of new project which involves the analysis of cost effective techniques. It is also ensured that alternative routes are available according to the volume of road traffic when construction is taking place at another route. Therefore, many things are kept in mind before construction or development of roads in the countries like Japan, where people are very punctual about their time.

To uplift the living standards in urban areas, the government is working towards developing arterial roads which will ensure smooth flow of traffic. Also in order to enhance the livelihood of people living in mountains and islands in Tokyo, more construction of roads will take place. Various measures will be taken to take care of road safety. Proper planning and construction will take place especially in the area which is disaster prone like- earthquake.

Due to coming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, government is working towards better road and transportation facilities for people. Development policies have been designed which will be completed till 2020. Three loop roads will be manufactured in Tokyo, which will be supporting the economic as well as social activities in Japan. There will be a development in ring roads and radial roads in ward area of Tokyo. Cumulatively, the road infrastructure construction industry will benefit to a great extent as more and more amelioration will lead to growth and expansion of the industry in the future years.

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