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Executive Summary: The report titled “Packaging Industry in the US”, provides a comprehensive analysis of packaging products in the US, major leading players in various packing products, country’s economy impact on packing products, meat, poultry, and seafood packaging products, flexible plastics, rigid bulk packaging, hot drinks packaging products, chocolate packaging products, plastic pouches, stand-up pouches, sterile medical packaging products, corrugated box market, pet food packing products, eco-friendly packaging products, leading players in various packing materials, and future of packing products in the US.

Industry Overview: The packaging industry is driven by various trends such as growing urbanisation, investment in housing and construction, the development of retail chains and the burgeoning healthcare and cosmetics sectors. The increase in living standards and personal disposable income in the country fuels the consumption of a broad range of products and a demand for package goods. The growth of smaller households, more number of working women, demand for easy foods in small packs, convenience packs in all categories, more health and beauty products will witness a continuing growth in the package industry in the US.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood Packaging Market in the US: Flexible packaging, rigid packaging, and others types of packaging are used in the packing of meat, poultry, and seafood. The packaging products are used based on the type such as fresh and frozen products, processed products, and ready-to-eat products. The leading players in the meat, poultry and seafood packing materials are Bemis, Ardagh, International Paper, Sealed Air, Crown Holding, and Ball. Pouch packing is popular packing in the meat, poultry and seafood products. Majority of the US consumers prefer pouches which are easy to use, compact, lightweight, and convenient while travelling. Pouch packing are available in various sizes and are customized based on the product. The huge demand for fresh and frozen processed meat, poultry, and seafood will witness a growing demand for pouch packaging over the next few years.

There is a demand for high-barrier packaging which has higher performance than other packaging materials. These are laminated packings that are specially coated with resins known as high-barrier plastics used as premium packaging materials. Such plastics are used by food and beverage companies to provide better protection from moisture, oxygen, enhance product shelf life and durability during transportation. Frozen foods packaging products need high-quality materials that effectively protect the food product at temperatures of up to -40°F. Case-ready packaging and modified atmosphere packaging are the two variants of packings that will account for the highest growth because they will enhance the shelf life of the food while maintaining texture, taste, and quality. The leading vendors in meat, poultry, and seafood packaging market in the US are Bemis, Ardagh, International Paper, Sealed Air, Crown Holding and Ball.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Products: Eco-friendly or green packaging is produced from sustainable, renewable, and recyclable raw materials available in abundance. This technology uses materials such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass, which can be easily bent or moulded as needed and produces less toxic emissions. Consumers’ awareness in environmental safety and the need to reduce toxic emissions has led to adoption of eco-friendly packaging by the F&B, healthcare, and personal care industries. The major green packaging leading vendors in the US are Amcor, Ball, Bemis and Crown Holding.

Pet Food Packing Products: Pet foods consist of dry and wet foods which are packed in a wide variety of packaging products such as bags, containers, metal cans, folding cartons, pouches, and other packaging formats. The leading vendors in pet food packaging products are Amcor, Bemis, Coveris Holdings and Crown Holdings. The major market challenge in the pet food packaging products is the cost constraints while accommodating different sizes.

Corrugated Box Market in the US: The leading players in the corrugated box market in the US are Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, KapStone, Mondi, and WestRock. Corrugated boxes are used by food and beverage products, non-durable products, and durables and other products. The increasing use of processed and packaged foods will drive the growth of the corrugated box market in the US over the next few years. Corrugated boxes provide flexible packaging solution and ensure the safety of products being packaged. The corrugated boxes market is competitive and diversified due to the presence of a large number of regional and international vendors. The major competitive factors are price, design, product innovation, product line, quality, and service. There is an increasing need for special lightweight packaging materials in the fast food and convenience food sector.

Sterile Medical Packaging in the US: Medical products are basically pharmaceutical products, medical devices, surgical devices, and other healthcare-related products. The packaging of medical products is a complex process due to their molecular and chemical structures. They need to be packaged with extra protection and durable materials to prevent contamination. Therefore, the packaging materials are first sterilized before being used for packaging. The evolution of new diseases and increased health awareness has transformed the medical products packaging industry. Few types of packaging used are bottles, vials, blisters, tubes, prefilled syringes, and prefilled inhalers are chosen as per the requirement of the product and the convenience of the customers. The leading vendors in sterile medical packaging market in the US are Amcor, Baxter International, Bemis, Cardinal Health and DuPont. The major market challenge in the sterile medical packaging market in the US is the increase in pricing pressures while there is an increased demand for blister packs.

Stand-up Pouches: The various types of stand-up pouch are zipper, re-closure, pour spouts, slider closures, release valves, and strong shelf presence. They offer high clarity and excellent barrier properties to the product enclosed in it and are used in packaging of food, beverages, fertilizers, pet food, and cosmetics. LLDPE, PPE, BOPP, and PE are used in the production of stand-up pouches. The major vendors in stand-up pouches in the US are Amcor, Bemis, Flair Flexible Packaging and Sonoco Products. The major factor affecting the stand-up pouches is the consumers’ preference for attractive appealing products.

Plastic Pouches in the Packaging Market: Plastic pouches witnessed a tremendous growth within the packaging industry in the US. They are used in home care and packaged food in forms of traditional pack types such as HDPE bottle and metal food cans. Plastic pouches are convenient and environmentally-friendly attracting consumers due to their light weight and cost benefits. Re-sealable pouches with zip/press closures will witness a strong growth over the next few years. The beauty care, personal care, baby and child-specific products and deodorants products are packed in convenient mini packs. Plastic pouches are the mainstream packaging products for all types of products starting from automatic dishwashing and laundry detergents tablets. They are light weight with modern images and can be used for packing any concentrated solid product or liquid product formats.

Chocolate Packaging Materials in the US: Chocolate products are of huge interest among all age groups around the world. The sale of chocolate or confectionery products is independent of seasons or occasions. However, packaging is an essential part of chocolate and confectionery goods so as it preserves their quality, texture, and taste. Manufacturers always look for innovative, light weight and aesthetically appealing packaging solutions to improve sales by enhancing product visibility. The new trend in the market is the increasing demand for recycled and biodegradable materials for packaging of chocolate or confectionery products. The leading vendors in the chocolate or confectionery packing products in the US are Amcor, Bemis, Crown Holdings and Owens-Illinois. Other players are Swiss Pac Pvt., ATP – Engineering & Packaging, Shantou Weiyi Packaging Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Dingqi Pack Co., Limited, Shenzhen Proyu Technology Co., Limited, Jiangyin Sunkey Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Guoxin Packaging Co., Ltd.

Hot Drinks Packaging Products: The major packed hot drinks in the US are coffee, chocolate drinks, and others. Manufacturers are introducing several innovative packaging methods to improve their shelf appeal, maintain freshness and aroma. Majority of the coffee producers in the country are looking for sustainable packaging materials that reduce transportation, recyclability expenses and environmental friendly. Metalized sealants or plastic films are used which can be easily recycled and also protect the freshness of the product. Stand-up pouches with gas valves and re-closable zippers are the used for packaging coffee products. The leading vendors in hot drinks packaging market in the US are Amcor, Ball Corporation, Bemis, Graham, Mondi, Owens-Illinois, and Printpack.

Rigid Bulk Packaging Products: Rigid bulk packaging is used for industrial packaging of goods such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and F&B items. Rigid bulk packaging main purpose is to protect the goods transported in large quantities from the point to another point. Rigid bulk packagings are rigid plastics, steel, and even paperboard. The forms of rigid bulk packaging are drums, pails, material handling containers, bulk boxes, and RIBC which handle chemicals, pharmaceutical and healthcare, and F&B. The leading vendors in rigid bulk packaging are Berenfield Containers, Berry Plastics, Greif Bros, Packaging Corporation of America, Rock-Tenn Company and Sonoco Products Company.

Flexible Plastics: These categories of plastics that are thin, light, and easily stretchable, however, retains characteristics along with being resistant to tearing or puncturing which are suitable for manufacturing packaging products. Flexible plastics are chemically inert, cheap, and visually appealing, which enhances the appeal of the products when packed.
Generally, flexible plastics are used to pack non-durable and fast-moving unit loads, limited bulk industrial use, personal care, and pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Future of Packaging Industry in US: The major factors that will affect the growth of packaged products in the US are high household per capita income, growth and changing patterns of consumers, processed food industry, developed economy, growing demand for premium food and beverage products. Population growth, increasing demand for automation and machinery optimization, rise in e-commerce will also fuel the development of packaging products in the US. Bio-degradable and eco-friendly packaging products to boost the packaging market over in the next few years.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

  • Meat Packaging Products in the US Market
  • Seafood Packaging Products in the US Market
  • Flexible Plastics in the US Market
  • Rigid Bulk Packaging in the US Market Overview
  • Hot Drinks Packaging Products Market in US
  • Chocolate Packaging Products in US
  • Plastic Pouches Market in US
  • Stand-Up Pouches in the US Market
  • Sterile Medical Packaging Products Market in US
  • Corrugated Box Market in US
  • Pet Food Packing Products Market US
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Products Market in US
  • US Packaging Market Research Report
  • US Packaging Market future Outlook
  • US packaging Market Opportunities
  • Packaging Market in US Major Trends
  • US Packaging Market Major Competitors

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