Growing Demand For The Mattress Market Outlook: Ken Research


The mattress market across the globe was witnessed to obtain maturity along the mainstream of the mattress requirement originating from the home-users and the non-residential segment involving hospitals, hotels, college hostels and several other institutional building in the respective region. Whereas, the mattress market in Thailand was witnessed in its growth stage. The region has high-quality natural resources and has significantly invested in the entire market. Thailand’s both residential segment involving the requirement for the home-users and the non-residential segment involving hotels, college hostels, hospitals, and several other institutional buildings have more effective underwritten towards the requirement for the mattresses in Thailand. In addition, the growing existence of both the international, as well as domestic players coupled with the advancing technology and the innovation in the area has generated a positive impression on the industry revenue and sales volume. The Mattress Market Research Reports across the globe was observed to increase over the review duration on account of the growing number of households, the effective increase in the disposable income and hotel room.

Not only has this, the growth drivers namely hospitality, tourist arrivals, and the healthcare industry also had an efficient impression on the market. Furthermore, the market of mattress is sectored into size, type, region, and distribution channel and market structure.

Whereas, based on the size, the market is further sectored into a king-size, queen size, twin size, and single size. For instance, the Latex and King Size Mattress Market were witnessed to account the mattress market in the recent past years in terms of sales volume. While the individuals in Thailand majorly choose the king-size mattresses as they are superior in terms of chunkiness and are the supreme choice which is commonly a commended the size for 2 adults. The amount difference between the king size and queen size beds for some company brands was witnessed to be moderately less as a consequence of which, Thai consumers are enthusiastic to employ a bit more for additional space. The Non-residential end-users such as hotels also choose the king-size beds. The Queen Size, twin size, and single size mattresses were significant witnessed to apprehension the lingering market in terms of volume during 2018.

Sideways, the sector of distribution channel involves retail sales channel within the respective region conquered the market in terms of sales volume while the direct sales channel had a restricted share in the overall market during the recent past years. The retail sales are effectively directed towards the residential home users whereas, the direct sales is focused towards the enterprise end-users such as hospitals and hotels and several other foremost institutions. Therefore, in the coming years, it is predicted that the market of mattress will increase around the globe over the reviewed period with the efficient amount of investment for making wide developments in the product.


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