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Chitosan is a biopolymer extracted from waste shells of crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, krill and others. Chitosan is the deacetylated form of chitin which is key element in the exoskeleton of marine market. Chitosan finds applications in as variety of end use industries such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, chemical and others. Chitosan is not found naturally in foods. It is extracted from a substance in shells. Chitosan may also prevent your body from absorbing fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. In addition, it is a fibrous substance that might block absorption of cholesterol. Therefore, with its usage and advantages the market will grow in the forecast period. Based on the type the classification of the chitosan is on the basis of demand in the market which includes water and waste treatment, agriculture and agrochemicals, food and beverages. Moreover, the applications are also split in the market based on the usage of the chitosan such as water and treatment, agriculture and agrochemicals, food and beverages.

Due to significant increase in the market of chitosan many players have also entered in this market with proper and advance usage of chlorine. According to the report analysis, ‘Europe Chitosan Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report’ suggests that some of the major key players which are currently operating in this market with more effective manner for increasing the demand and usage pf the product includes Primex, Agratech, ADVANCED BIOPOLYMERS, Novamatrix, dainichiseika Color & Chemicals, Bioline, Fuda, Fengrun, Golden Shell, Huashan, Haixin, Haizhiyuan, Haidebei Marine, Yunzhou, Hecreat and others of Europe region. Not only has this, the report also consists various other information about the chitosan key players, major consumers, manufactures and other important aspects. In both consumption and production, chitosan is flourishing. Types and applications of chitosan also effects the market growth such as in water and waste treatment is majorly responsible for its high demand and significant increase in the competition between the key players.

The market of chitosan is still at its nascent stage but with the wide usage and applications of the market of chitosan have significant opportunities in upcoming years to grow even more. With the increase in the population the use of chitosan in food and beverages has been estimated to create promising growth opportunities for the new entrants in this industry as well as effective market share for the existing manufacture. Moreover, the study signifies that Europe market for chitosan is expected to grow in the forecast period due to development in the trends of the market and advancement in the technology with more effective strategies and improved policies. Geographically, with increase in the demand the market has been spread across the Europe region which majorly includes Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. Moreover, another major factor for the increasing use of chitosan in water treatment process is the high purity percentage as compared to conventional water treatment methods such as sand filtration. As the need requirement with the use of chitosan into various industries and products will make the market effective and enough to grow globally. In addition, with the significant usage of chitosan in agriculture and agrochemicals the market of this industry will register more investments. Therefore, the future of the market of chitosan is expected to rise positively in the near future.

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