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Spirit is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by distillation of grains, fruit, or vegetables that undergo alcoholic fermentation. Philippines climatic condition is not suitable for plantation of grape-bearing vines. Therefore, grapes are grown in small quantities in the country.  Wine is made from other fruits such as mangoes, guavas and passion fruit. Mango wine is the most popular wine along with guava and passion fruit wines which are easily available. The variety of alcoholic beverages labelled as fruit wines are actually spirit bases. They are made up of grain or starchy roots flavoured with fruit extracts or concentrate. The leading alcohol producer in Philippines is the San Miguel Brewery that holds more than 90% of the beer market.

According to the study “Spirits in the Philippines”, gin, beer, rum, and brandy are the most popular drinks that are easily available in Philippines. Rum is an alcoholic spirit manufactured in the Philippines with white and gold versions. The products are well made and are used for cocktails. Blended whiskey, vodka and brandy are also produced at various levels of aging and quality. The common alcoholic beverage preferred in Philippines is beer. Local alcoholic drinks are tuba (coconut wine) and clear liquors produced from sugar or fruit. Imported beer, wine and whiskey are available but expensive. Tanduay is another popular brand of rum, along with Tondenia Premium Rum and Anejo 65 Rum brands which are available in Philippines. The popular brandy brands are Barcelona, Genoroso, and Gran Matador. The local Vodka brands are Cossack Vodka and Antonov Vodka. Don Enrique Mixkila is a combination of Tequila and distilled spirits. Erg is as brand of Alcotonic, Q-Shandy and Cali are brands of non-alcoholic beer. Boracay, Expired, Kagatan, Calibog are few of the cocktail drinks available in the country. Filipino lambanog is an alcoholic beverage manufactured by PDC and is going global. This product cannot be found anywhere else in the world and is a true Filipino spirit. Lambanog is hoping to find itself alongside the world’s best known distinctive liquors.

In the year 2013, the Philippines government has started to impose new taxes such as excise tax on the spirits such as beer, liquor, wine, and alcohol products. The spirits market in Philippines is still recovering from the effect of taxes. San Miguel is the leading brand in the manufacture of beer and gin in the country with a variety of products.  Beer na Beer is a close competitor for San Miguel. Philippine Distillers Company (PDC) is another leading player in the spirits market.

The growth of on-trade channel for spirits is driven by encouraging the cocktail culture in the country. On-trade establishments also introduce various spirits categories and consumers are attracted towards the new brands. The off-trade sale of spirits is always in bulk and it was observed that the off-trade spirits market will continue sales at a steady growth. However, the volume sales of imported brands remains negligible compared to the premium brand of spirits in Philippines. Majority of the consumers demand premium brands of spirits which are cost-effective compared to the country made spirits.

Philippine witnessed a recovery in the total volume sales of spirits in the recent years with a growth of more than five percentile which is 680 million litres. The robust economy in the country has driven the growth of the spirits market and increased consumer spending. The consumption of spirits in Philippines is expected to increase by volume to reach 734 million litres in the coming years. Therefore, a rapid growth is expected in the spirits market in the coming years in the categories of whiskies and wine. Majority of the manufacturers are implementing various strategies to market their products and stabilize their market positions.

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