Health Concerns Raising Demand for Food Purifiers in Developing Nations: Ken Research


Ken Research has released its report on the global food purifier industry “Global food purifier industry situation and prospects 2017”. For those interested in doing business in the global food purifier industry, the report is highly useful as it contains in-depth analysis and important data on various aspects of the industry. The in-depth industry knowledge, imparted by the report, is significant for the industry insider as well as the potential entrant or investor.

The usage of food purifier is increasing day by day due to the rising levels of air and water pollution and use of pesticides in food production. This industry is poised for tremendous growth as people are increasingly becoming health-conscious in terms of the purity of their food.

Health standards and safety measures are given utmost importance in the developed countries. Similar trends are expected to be witnessed in the developing world as rising disposable incomes have made people to include health and hygiene in their life’s priorities. This augurs well for the growth of the food purifier industry.

Compared to the water purifier industry, the food purifier industry is at a relatively nascent stage and may take time to develop its market. However, the Food purifier industry has shown promise in the use of innovative technology. With its advanced technology products, it has been able to create a niche for itself in the market. Companies are also able to attract consumers by advertising the purpose of food purifier as not only removing toxins from the food but also adding oxygen and nutrients to the food, which are beneficial for consumers.

In the future, the developing world region will be a lucrative region for the food purifier industry. However, the companies doing business in this industry require better marketing to attract the costumers in the developing countries.

Currently the major marker share of the global food purifier lies in the United States of America and Europe. However, India and China are likely to be the major players in the Asia-Pacific market.

Challenges before the Industry

High cost of food purifier hinders its sales, especially in the developing world. The companies manufacturing food purifiers will have to use innovative technology for lowering the cost of their products to expand their consumer base.

The food purifier industry can take lessons from the water purifier industry, which has worked around its products to meet the needs of its consumers at an affordable price.


The major drivers of the food purifier industry are: rise in air and water pollution and the use of pesticides in food production. Also, there is increased health awareness and concern among the people which are likely to drive the market. Finally, the rise in disposable incomes and rise in the standard of living will likely boost the market.

Major Market Players in the Industry: Ltian, Midea, and Royalstar

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