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According to the study, ‘INFUSION PUMPS – MEDICAL DEVICES PIPELINE ASSESSMENT, 2018’, major companies and institutions currently operating in infusion pump manufacturing are ClearLine MD, Fluonic, Inc., Hospira Inc, Innovfusion Pte. Ltd., Lynntech Inc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Palyon Medical Corp, SteadyMed Therapeutics Inc, Terumo Corp and Turnpoint Medical Devices Inc.

An infusion pump is a medical device that is used to administer fluids such as nutrients, minerals or medication into a patient’s body in a controlled amount. The infusion pump is operated by a trained professional who controls the duration and the quantity of medicine or nutrient that need to be delivered to the patient. The advantage that this device possesses over manual administration is that medicines can be delivered in small amounts or programmed to be delivered in specific time intervals. These devices need not be operated solely in a hospital setting but can be easily used in homes as well. There are numerous types of infusion pumps which are used for variety of purposes and that too in different environments. The classification of the pumps can also be done on the basis of mobility they offer.  Ambulatory infusion pumps are the pumps that are mobile offer the ability to move around while other set of devices are stationery intended to be used by the patient’s bedside. Other classification can be based on the segment. These include oncology, neonatology, analgesia, gastroenterology, hematology and diabetes. Other type of infusion pumps are infusion pumps, including enteral, patient controlled analgesia (PCA), and insulin infusion pumps. Enteral pumps can be used to deliver medication to the digestive tract. PCA is used to administer pain medication that can also be controlled by the patient himself or herself as per their need. Insulin pumps are home based infusion pumps used by diabetic patients to deliver insulin.

During the period of 2005-2010, the US FDA received numerous complaints relating to the functioning of these devices. The FDA launched the Infusion Pump Initiative in response to the complaints received. In order to minimize design defects, FDA has made it compulsory for manufacturers to conduct additional testing of their devices and also include design information along with their product. FDA via its in-house expertise is conducting research to prevent failures in malfunctioning device software’s. In order to facilitate early detection and correction of device defects, FDA offers manufacturers to submit their software code with them so that they can be analyzed by agency experts.

Rising demand due to increasing chronic diseases and increased hospitalization are the prime drivers for infusion pump industry. A family of fully featured infusion pumps is being developed by a startup in New Hampshire named Fluidnet. These devices are being designed for both hospital and alternative site environments. MAAS medical is developing two new infusion systems for both hospital and alternate site IV deliveries.

The scope that lies in infusion pumps industry is immense. Companies especially in United States are coming up with new technological innovations to gain more market share. The competition in this industry is immense. Organizations need to focus on convenience, mobility, efficiency and other such factors in order to become the market leader.

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